First Psalm

Have you heard of the Forbidden Psalm!? And if so why don’t you play it!? That’s the kind of game right down my alley if you’d ask. Go check their stuff there, then tell me what you think of it!

The game is grim, funny and deadly! Great narrative, agnostic system, and what I love the most, encounters of errant monsters!

The crew creation charts are also a lot of fun. Random names, capacities and mostly flaws. You’re left with a bad batch of weirdos, and it’s up to you to build this band of mischiefs by roaming your bitz box!

This time I used Victrix kits, to gave a different feel from fantasy figures. Then I splashed a load of of various GW parts in order to grimdark the hell of it!

A team is always five members, but the death rate being pretty high, spare crew could be a plus. And it’ll always help to make a friend try the game.

The project here was to create some sort of fanatics medieval cultists collecting books and bones, trying to furnish their weird scriptorium to further redact the foresaid « Forbidden Psalm ». Not sure any one of them know how to read though…

As for every project like this, I came up with so many ideas to fill up the bestiary. Those tiny misfits are ill intended faeries haunting cottage this side of the forest.

On a less cute note, here’s a wendigo, prowling the forest in quest of his next meal. Both are kitbashed GW kits, with an extra dose of skulls. Can’t get wrong with skulls…

I got so many other ideas for this, you can say it’s just a start… After I finish other projects I might explore this one further. Cause there’s so many extensions already.

So how the game feels? It’s light, fun and deadly! You got too many scenarios, including three narrative campaigns, and many other materials to play around. 60x60cm for the board also gave you an opportunity for nice and various environments, this way you can pull out any weird idea you can have.

The mechanics are close to the basics, this way you can emphasize on the story you’re involved in, a gritty and hopeless world where you and your friends/opponents are stranded, trying to live for another day. They’re a great deal of weird creatures to fight with, a few treasures to covet, and a some experience to learn (if you don’t earn flaws instead).

So from my point of view this is a really fun game. Not a deep strategic challenge (but there’s many many alternatives for this), but an awesome atmospheric theme and the perfect kitbashing project. So go on, gather your men, raise thy swords, Vriprix surely got a job for you!

Oh, did I mention that everything you paint for this could be use in any other med fan game!?!

Jean Peinture


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