Random Encounter N°10

As the winter grow cold, it’s time to paint more minis (wait it’s always that time…)! Gather here and see what’s new!

A whole new batch of mismatched minis, as usual to use in the Project Dungeon setting. Some plastic, more metal, various era covered, what I thought to be a good random encounter!

The first minis are some mercenaries, a few oldies I gather from a box full of odlhammer kind of stuff. I try to squeeze a few of them in schedule between bigger projects.

An old eastern warrior and a ranger whom I suspect to be Aragorn. Is I paint a lot of various minis now, I grew more and more fond of this 80’s style of sculpts. The temptation was great to depict him as a young Felix Jager, but he’s due soon, so a classical ranger style is fitting just right.

A brigand and a fanatic, or simply two peasants protecting their hovels. I do love this kind of simple mini, sort of some common folks from the Old Worl… with a pinch of blanchesque on the clothes.

No so common, are some pompous elves. One from the wood, and one even more well educated and/or infatuated. I hesitate a lot about the classic swordmaster livery, but sometimes basic is good.

This pal was for Orctober, always a good reason to paint green (wait, no need for any reason at all!). His axe was missing, but old lead bitzbox came to the rescue. Felt good to do deep green skin, and as always, checkers…

Orctober is doubling with Spoocktober this time. A regular ghost, intended to fit with my Forbidden Psalm minis. A bit messy then…

Speaking of undead theme, here’s a little more. A sepulcral lecter, provinding enough space for a 25mm base, would help for any after life ritual. And the big hand is a perfect depiction of one of my most hatred spell in Frostgrave.

Another spell from Frostgrave V2 needed a few more minis (but then again what don’t…). Flaming skulls, a very simple use of bits, I must confess I’m pretty happy with the result!

Another piece of scenery, no intent this time, nothing through my mind. At the very least the first part of a triptych of objective markers for an undead faction.

To the like of these. Markers for my wood elves army, if by any mean I’m about to play them once more.

I search a lot for a iteration of quadruped creatures to join a fantasy medieval force for a Great Kingdom in Saga. Reaper miniatures provided me with these nice unicorns herd. They share a common sculpt style, and will fit just right alongside pompous knights in shiny armors.

While we talk about wild life, here’s some more critters with this lizard swarm. Usually set on all together on a bigger base, them work just fine on individual ones. I couldn’t stress enough how much I love models from this very era. Mid 90’s classic Warhammer is my jam!

A bit older with this fancy bear! Look, he got a torque around his neck. That’s elven wildlife bearing jewelry!

And lastly the goodest boy of all. Yeah I got tons of dogs, but one more can’t hurt. Perfect for any Mordheim or Felstat run.

That’s it for this time. I hope to get back here with a few more minis from here and there, and I got some major projects on the way. So keep an eye out, random encounters can happen anywhere…

Jean Peinture


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