First Psalm

Have you heard of the Forbidden Psalm!? And if so why don’t you play it!? That’s the kind of game right down my alley if you’d ask. Go check their stuff there, then tell me what you think of it!

The game is grim, funny and deadly! Great narrative, agnostic system, and what I love the most, encounters of errant monsters!

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Random Encounters n°9

Long time since I posted anything here…I guess there’s times like these. Anyway, I’m rethinking a bit about articles, and since painting is my main activity, I sometimes lack motivation to write about everything who fall under the brushes. So from now on I’m going to talk here mainly about personal projects.

Back to what it’s all about, minis! I’ve achieve a fair amount of an oldschool army, but in between I managed to squeeze some nice additions to the Project Dungeons.

There’s much more out of the family picture, but I’m gonna start with these! If you want to see other tuff, you’ll have to stay with us for a while…

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Random Encounter n°5

Well, it’s been a while. Moving places, all the stuff got to wait in boxes for nearly a month, so not a lot of painting nor blogging around lately. I’m now able to get back to the hobby, but I still got to find marks around a new work space and new schedule. Anyway, I manage to produce these a while ago, and a few more last days, so here’s the pictures!

A new bunch of creepers, a few monsters and various tokens in order to play Rangers of the Shadowdeep, as I tend to dislike cardboard counter, and want my games to be as immersive and narrative as possible. All of this is still part of the Dungeon Project, wich is now back on tracks (with, as usual, sooo many others…) Lire la suite

Age of armies

There’s a new ludic wind blowing at the door. After testing the Age of Vikings and surrender to the quality of the system, I got to wait a few month for another version of this magnificent game. Since I’m not that much interested in purely historical universes, and having a substantial collection of fantasy miniatures, Saga: Age of Magic bring me a lot of hopes as for my return on commanding tabletop armies.

So what about this? I tend to trust Studio Tomahawk with my eyes closed (and my wallet open), may they wrote the ruleset or just translate it, each of their production are a delight to my picky gamer soul. The Saga system is an ingenious ruleset convertible to different medieval era, and the latest iteration focuses on magic (as in the title I know, captain obvious here…). Meaning a fantasy setting where monsters and wizards fight along more conventional troops. But like Frostgrave begore it, there’s not that much of official minis range, nor than any big background settings, allowing you to produce any miniatures you wish to represent any of the six generic army lists. This mean that no armies will look the same, and that you can manage to express any crazy idea you ever had about weird thematic armies. Or just replay your classic themes but with a brand new and seriously nice ruleset! Lire la suite

Mayhem in Sector IV

Less painting this days, with some (too rare) nice spring days I spend most of my time in the car, visiting so many friends. Luckily some of them share the same affliction, meaning they tend to use their time splashing colors on tiny pieces of metal or plastic, before pushing them around making strange mouth noises while rolling dices like there was some sort of logic in it. This said, I hit the road regularly to play so many games, and most of them are basically awesome.

I connect with people who also share the same point of views about the hobby, that no game would be played without finished stuffs, the narrative should be a major part of it, and the competition can easily be place secondary. By this, I don’t judge others ways of playing games (I to sometimes get eager to win…), it just happened to be the way I want to play mine. Lire la suite

Donjon Ikea

Petit va et viens entre les différents projets, pause dark futur pour retrouver le contact rassurant du bois ancien. J’ai reçu ces boîtes ils y a un bon moment, et ça méritait quand même bien une couche de peinture. Le manque de fun du projet m’a bien fait ramer, mais un coup d’pied au c** et c’était finalement pas si compliqué!

Un KS utile de Mantic Games, Terrain Crates, des boîtes de plastique mou moins classe que de la résine mais aussi tellement moins cher. Les différents sets sont en magasin, mais comme d’hab le KS permet une substantielle économie. Au final ça fait une bonne quantité de matos, ça va permettre de meubler pas mal de trucs, des ruines de Mordheim au bibliothèques de Felstad, en passant par du Dungeon Crawler ou du JdR. Lire la suite