Random Encounter n°11

Your monthly dose of random fantasy minis!!!

Here’s some old lead and a few more recent resins, even some plastic bits. As sometimes between heavy projects, I simply dig old boxes full of lead, in order to add a few characters and foes to the Project Dungeon. Let see what do we gather this time! Come around, I’ll show you the lot!

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Random Encounter N°10

As the winter grow cold, it’s time to paint more minis (wait it’s always that time…)! Gather here and see what’s new!

A whole new batch of mismatched minis, as usual to use in the Project Dungeon setting. Some plastic, more metal, various era covered, what I thought to be a good random encounter!

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Random Encounters n°9

Long time since I posted anything here…I guess there’s times like these. Anyway, I’m rethinking a bit about articles, and since painting is my main activity, I sometimes lack motivation to write about everything who fall under the brushes. So from now on I’m going to talk here mainly about personal projects.

Back to what it’s all about, minis! I’ve achieve a fair amount of an oldschool army, but in between I managed to squeeze some nice additions to the Project Dungeons.

There’s much more out of the family picture, but I’m gonna start with these! If you want to see other tuff, you’ll have to stay with us for a while…

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Random Encounters n°6

Well, not so much of writing these days, although I still got my share of painting, and also too many projects (as usual). So here a few fellows for various uses, in direct line from the (still living (not undead)) project dungeon.

A few baddies and a band of scums. The painting goes as usual, even though I tried something a bit different from time to time, I always landed back to my basics (still a bit annoyed about that). Lire la suite

Random Encounter n°5

Well, it’s been a while. Moving places, all the stuff got to wait in boxes for nearly a month, so not a lot of painting nor blogging around lately. I’m now able to get back to the hobby, but I still got to find marks around a new work space and new schedule. Anyway, I manage to produce these a while ago, and a few more last days, so here’s the pictures!

A new bunch of creepers, a few monsters and various tokens in order to play Rangers of the Shadowdeep, as I tend to dislike cardboard counter, and want my games to be as immersive and narrative as possible. All of this is still part of the Dungeon Project, wich is now back on tracks (with, as usual, sooo many others…) Lire la suite

Rencontres Aléatoires n°3

Un petit lot du projet donjons pour faire une petite pause avec la rouille. Quelques réfs qui traînaient et qui permettront de jouer toujours plus d’hommes de mains à Frostgrave, et que sais-je d’autre encore. Les vacances du pinceau avec des sujets pas prise de tête.

Quelques héros, quelques méchants, et surtout une bonne dose de fun à travailler. J’apprécie bien ces petits one shot de monobloc métal (sauf deux), où les choix et les techniques s’imposent naturellement au fil du travail. Lire la suite

Sous le pont

Comme quoi les concours ça a du bon. Ces trois là me regardaient tristement du fond de la boîte du Projet Donjon pendant que je n’avais d’yeux que pour le Projet Ruche. Et puis on nous propose sur le bistrot de peindre du troll. Donc y’a pas à tortiller, les candidats parfaits et une raison valable de s’y mettre, ça donne ce ptit boulot.

Pas grand chose à en dire, si ce n’est mon amour immodéré pour ces figs, seulement égalé par mon manque drastique de variation du schéma officiel d’alors. Néanmoins un bon gros plaisir de mise en couleurs sur ces vieux plombs où la peinture se pose d’elle même… Lire la suite