Iron Man 11: Welsh

Damn that’s a lot of horses! That’s what’s happening when you got too many equipment options…

With only one faction left, this score the eleventh of this age armies. The versatile Welsh, which can play both mounted and foot troops, is now ready for battle.

Browns reds and yellows, with a pinch of blue here and there. With this much factions, it’s becoming quite difficult to find new simple colors combination. The shields patterns refer to the faction dice, with the dragon being reported on the banner. Vivid green on the bases always offer achieve a nice contrast at the end.

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Iron Man 10: Pagan Rus

Aaaand another one. Gear up your armor values as additional dices are gonna fall around. Here comes the black bears and the white wolves!

Another list I enjoy to play a lot. No cavalry nore fancy bowmen, only the raw strength of basics warriors and the cunning of javelin throwers levies.

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Baseless Sassanids

Here’s an odd one, so I got to warn you. The bases… are not done. The client wanted to do it by himself. So here’s a close to finished Sassanid force!

The pics are not at their best, but it’ll work better on separate units topics. This force is intended to be played in the upcoming Age of Invasions Saga supplement, along with another new faction.

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