Time of raids

Well, it’s been a busy month. The posts here became a bit rare since I’ve got back to painting full armies, and not skirmish groups. Anyway, I finished my first non fantastical warband (not strictly historical). Collecting as I am always, I couldn’t get off with a logical six points format for Saga, and instead ended up with ten points an two warlords:

The reason is quite simple: you could play different boards (meaning armies in Saga) with some of the minis being the same ones (I just heard historians dropping dead in arguing in the back). So I’ve done some listing (army listing of course, we’re in good company here!), and settled with this raiding party. It allows me to field them as Vikings, Jomvikings, and even for the open minded, Norse Gaels or Pagan Rus (the four boards using the rune dices actually). Lire la suite

The Horde

Orctober just ended, and luckily it as started at the same time I decide to finish an army project « only » six months old. As for many I planned to play Saga Age of Magic with minis I already painted. Sadly game mechanics never leaves you this opportunity, so I got to get back to the brushes (and the credit card to) in order to play my Night Goblins as a horde. Many mounted units are involved in this aggressive board, so I got to raid the second hand market, ended up with this lovely pile of lead.

Some lucky trades bring me to these, nice lads to bounce around and bring mayhem while drinking shroom booze!

Lire la suite

Rustcry: Iron Golems

In order to play quick games, I wanted to paint another Warcry warband (I mean pure Warcry Chaos band, not one of those overpowered AoS team), but in a relative speedy way. So I took on to bring colors to this Iron Golems, with an extremely corroded approach.

This ended up with only two kinds of surfaces, skin and metal with a strong contrast. I choose to do brown corroded rusty iron, with no traces left of true metal pigments. Then experienced with rust tones and pigment, technic I only used on sceneries. Lire la suite

Rustcry: the Unmade

As I try my best not to start to many projects at the same time, there’s always that one last/new/nice system that came up with brilliant promise of fun and (not so) quick paint time involved. Warcry is fun. Give it a go, it’s really fluid, immersive, quick, and on top of it, fun. I can already played my beloved 90´s Night Goblins for a starter, but I also wanted to play a more typical warband. For this game, I could have choose(n) any one, as each of it meet my taste, but I have a tendency to skinny gory dudes this days.

Here the Unmade, kind folks you want around at your party, they always got nice stories to tell about lovely amputation and exquisite flaying. I choose to go with intense rusted metals on pale skins, scorched rags and black leathers completing their outfit. Not sure on how to call them, The Red Nails or simply the Tetanus. Sadly I took pics before adding grass on the bases (and I’m a to lazy bastard to retake them). Lire la suite

Random Encounter n°5

Well, it’s been a while. Moving places, all the stuff got to wait in boxes for nearly a month, so not a lot of painting nor blogging around lately. I’m now able to get back to the hobby, but I still got to find marks around a new work space and new schedule. Anyway, I manage to produce these a while ago, and a few more last days, so here’s the pictures!

A new bunch of creepers, a few monsters and various tokens in order to play Rangers of the Shadowdeep, as I tend to dislike cardboard counter, and want my games to be as immersive and narrative as possible. All of this is still part of the Dungeon Project, wich is now back on tracks (with, as usual, sooo many others…) Lire la suite

Lords of the Fall

So after talking about my recent interest for Saga, the logical next step was obviously to add a few projects to the current ones. I got to dig a bit to exhume this load of plastic and lead, laying around for maybe fifteen years. An early stage army from 2002 I guess, never got to paint them all, now here’s the chance.

A few glanzer bathes later and get myself hours of painting ahead (I’m not gonna try to tell I don’t like it). In the pic you can see my original list, but we all know it’s never enough. Old gwists like me knows we like to try each en every entry for the armies we play. So before soon i add many other stuffs to these, and ended up planning a few other compos for a few other factions (more on this later). But in a way, this project cost me very few since I started with almost everything in my possession (meaning I already bought it a long time ago), just to add a few quadruped creatures and maybe planning on acquire flying monsters or warchief options, but that’ll do for the time being. Lire la suite

Age of armies

There’s a new ludic wind blowing at the door. After testing the Age of Vikings and surrender to the quality of the system, I got to wait a few month for another version of this magnificent game. Since I’m not that much interested in purely historical universes, and having a substantial collection of fantasy miniatures, Saga: Age of Magic bring me a lot of hopes as for my return on commanding tabletop armies.

So what about this? I tend to trust Studio Tomahawk with my eyes closed (and my wallet open), may they wrote the ruleset or just translate it, each of their production are a delight to my picky gamer soul. The Saga system is an ingenious ruleset convertible to different medieval era, and the latest iteration focuses on magic (as in the title I know, captain obvious here…). Meaning a fantasy setting where monsters and wizards fight along more conventional troops. But like Frostgrave begore it, there’s not that much of official minis range, nor than any big background settings, allowing you to produce any miniatures you wish to represent any of the six generic army lists. This mean that no armies will look the same, and that you can manage to express any crazy idea you ever had about weird thematic armies. Or just replay your classic themes but with a brand new and seriously nice ruleset! Lire la suite

Mayhem in Sector IV

Less painting this days, with some (too rare) nice spring days I spend most of my time in the car, visiting so many friends. Luckily some of them share the same affliction, meaning they tend to use their time splashing colors on tiny pieces of metal or plastic, before pushing them around making strange mouth noises while rolling dices like there was some sort of logic in it. This said, I hit the road regularly to play so many games, and most of them are basically awesome.

I connect with people who also share the same point of views about the hobby, that no game would be played without finished stuffs, the narrative should be a major part of it, and the competition can easily be place secondary. By this, I don’t judge others ways of playing games (I to sometimes get eager to win…), it just happened to be the way I want to play mine. Lire la suite

Metal Elders

In addition to Nids, a got a couple of various periods Eldars hanging around the desk, result for the eternal interest for old lead, which were given away in diverse occasions. That right, none of these were bought, rather offered or traded along the way. And the combination of these lucky finds ended up in this little project!

A full lead Killteam with attitude! I’ve been working on a desatured palette to visually oppose them to my Behemoth previous Killteam. Dirty pale ivory and grayish blue, I want to gave the feel of hardened vets who are on the field for to long. A few colored touches gave some dynamics to the whole, and the helmets received a blue glaze to brighten and focus this point of the minis. I gave them similar bases than my Tyranids, as they’re supposed to meet during next battles. Lire la suite