Legio VI

Actually I’m not really found of the antique period. Oh look, you can have 60 roman legionaries for around 30 bucks! Oh damn…

So long story short I ended up with a new army (one more I know, but dare you throw this rock!?). But I got something in mind…

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Tutorial quick legionaries

Here I’ll try to expose a step by step to paint Romans republican legionaries. The goal is to produce units of minis at a decent level of painting, but also in a acceptable amount of time.

We all have more minis than we can possibly paint, and yet we’re still buying more (everyone, don’t try to deny it), (and yes there’s to many good games with beautiful ranges and epileptic news rate, but I don’t want excuses (even though they’re good excuses)). So in order to reduce these piles of shame, I try to find technics and methods to go quicker from the undercoat spray to the varnish one.

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Tutorial Irish Shields

Here’s one I don’t get around that much. But I’ll try to do more like this. So that’s a step by step on how to make free hand dark age shields!

While there’s plenty of nice transfers on the market, I’d rather go for some original designs (while it’s more time consuming it’s also way more cheaper). I also think the final result looks much more united with the whole miniature, since you’ll get the same overall painting level, therefore a much more coherent model.

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Iron Man 1 Norman

Saga is by far the the game I play the most this past year. So after a few projects of my own here’s a new one, in a collaborative way. Fell the ground shaking, for the Norman horsemen are coming!

Eight more points in two weeks. Sadly this warband is not for me (not only for me), as I started taking commissions, and this is the first step of a project we are working on with my pals at Hobbyshop, from Grenoble, France.

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December Special

Dusty in here. I’ve questioned myself about keeping on writing about minis I paint for others. But then I thought that there’s still somethings to tell. So here’s a few words, then a few pics!

I had a hard time taking pics of this December Crew for Malifaux. It’s an alternate version where the minis are twisted Christmas version. I’m unfamiliar with wyrd’s universe, and mostly I not really fan of their aesthetic, but these chaps here really got something.

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Cave Lizards

Well with nothing else to do than paint, at least the lead pile tend to lowering a bit (I mean really just a bit…). So here’s a whole new army intended to be played in Saga Age of Magic.

After one lucky find on the second hand market and a few Ebay frenzy search, I ended up with this new project for an Underworld Saga list. I took extra care to collect only metal models, as they’re more expressive than those poor plastic versions at the time. It sometimes makes it hard to find since the plastic boxes came at a lower price than the lead blisters at the time, but except for Terradons, Lizard and Snakes Swarm and one Saurus champion, I managed to get the whole range.

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Well, these were painted a few month ago, but due to current situation, I was unable to play them on the field.

An Anglo-Danes force to resist the Norsemen invasion. Being greedy as always, I also think of fielding them as Anglo-Saxons just in case. Also due to the insane amount of miniatures in a Victrix sprue bag (you get 60 minis for around 40€), you can’t go wrong with too many warlords and other stuff. I just regret that the dark ages range of the brand lack some archers/slingers. I still miss twelve of them plus a few javeliners to call this army done. But here’s for the time.

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