Lords of the Fall

So after talking about my recent interest for Saga, the logical next step was obviously to add a few projects to the current ones. I got to dig a bit to exhume this load of plastic and lead, laying around for maybe fifteen years. An early stage army from 2002 I guess, never got to paint them all, now here’s the chance.

A few glanzer bathes later and get myself hours of painting ahead (I’m not gonna try to tell I don’t like it). In the pic you can see my original list, but we all know it’s never enough. Old gwists like me knows we like to try each en every entry for the armies we play. So before soon i add many other stuffs to these, and ended up planning a few other compos for a few other factions (more on this later). But in a way, this project cost me very few since I started with almost everything in my possession (meaning I already bought it a long time ago), just to add a few quadruped creatures and maybe planning on acquire flying monsters or warchief options, but that’ll do for the time being. Lire la suite


Age of armies

There’s a new ludic wind blowing at the door. After testing the Age of Vikings and surrender to the quality of the system, I got to wait a few month for another version of this magnificent game. Since I’m not that much interested in purely historical universes, and having a substantial collection of fantasy miniatures, Saga: Age of Magic bring me a lot of hopes as for my return on commanding tabletop armies.

So what about this? I tend to trust Studio Tomahawk with my eyes closed (and my wallet open), may they wrote the ruleset or just translate it, each of their production are a delight to my picky gamer soul. The Saga system is an ingenious ruleset convertible to different medieval era, and the latest iteration focuses on magic (as in the title I know, captain obvious here…). Meaning a fantasy setting where monsters and wizards fight along more conventional troops. But like Frostgrave begore it, there’s not that much of official minis range, nor than any big background settings, allowing you to produce any miniatures you wish to represent any of the six generic army lists. This mean that no armies will look the same, and that you can manage to express any crazy idea you ever had about weird thematic armies. Or just replay your classic themes but with a brand new and seriously nice ruleset!

The Saga activation system is not that easy to handle, but boy this is fun an rewarding to manage. The core rules of Saga is a light system with no approximation whatsoever, but it’s not to be mistaken with simplicity. In every ages of Saga, the complexity came for the list you choose to play, giving you access to specific options (thus every type of units got the same stats), and much more important, your faction board, showing all the specific order, activation and bonuses you can gave to your troops. This is the heart of the game, where the metagame is coming to life.

But it’s a while since I only spoke about narrative gaming and the lack of interest I got for competitive play. But this time it’s not a problem, since this system is in my point of view much more elegant than any other. You don’t win this game based on your list, or the crazy batshit furious combo that you planned home and will work against anything. No, here there’s a few units, a few stats, no real powerplay, but the need to adapt, to efficiently use your actions’ and manage precisely the ressources at your disposal. That for me makes a great game! But it also can be really immersive and narrative. The addition of the scenarii book is a must have, and I can’t imagine being able to play all the features in it before ages.

However, you can find a few flow to this age. Having only played Age of Vikings before, i can say that I found Age of Magic a bit less deep an subtle than historical settings. Meaning the boards play a bit much straight forward (when they’re not brainless as the Horde). The multiplication of profiles also tend to dilute the simple aspect of the stats. A pinch of antimagic could have been nice to, since there’s absolutely no way to counter it, and the spells never fails. But that’s no problem compared to the huge amount of fun I found in this game.

You can either play it really seriously or abord a more light hearted way, play narrative list and scenario or balanced and strategical game, you’ll find what you want there (at least I do). Plus you got to play whatever the hell you want, even your old collection that never lived the shelves in ages. I for myself get to play it just by buying the books and dices, with armies I own, some of it for maybe fifteen years. What a deal!

So try this, try the others ages, try every games from Studio Tomahawk, it’s good for your health and it’ll make your teeth shine!

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Mayhem in Sector IV

Less painting this days, with some (too rare) nice spring days I spend most of my time in the car, visiting so many friends. Luckily some of them share the same affliction, meaning they tend to use their time splashing colors on tiny pieces of metal or plastic, before pushing them around making strange mouth noises while rolling dices like there was some sort of logic in it. This said, I hit the road regularly to play so many games, and most of them are basically awesome.

I connect with people who also share the same point of views about the hobby, that no game would be played without finished stuffs, the narrative should be a major part of it, and the competition can easily be place secondary. By this, I don’t judge others ways of playing games (I to sometimes get eager to win…), it just happened to be the way I want to play mine. Lire la suite

Metal Elders

In addition to Nids, a got a couple of various periods Eldars hanging around the desk, result for the eternal interest for old lead, which were given away in diverse occasions. That right, none of these were bought, rather offered or traded along the way. And the combination of these lucky finds ended up in this little project!

A full lead Killteam with attitude! I’ve been working on a desatured palette to visually oppose them to my Behemoth previous Killteam. Dirty pale ivory and grayish blue, I want to gave the feel of hardened vets who are on the field for to long. A few colored touches gave some dynamics to the whole, and the helmets received a blue glaze to brighten and focus this point of the minis. I gave them similar bases than my Tyranids, as they’re supposed to meet during next battles. Lire la suite

Good Ol’ Hive Mind

While I go ahead with my schedule of excavating the leadpile, I always find a way to add new projects to the existing ones (apparently it isn’t original at all), even though I’ve stop buying minis for a few month now (acquiring a few oldies via second hand market is really different from ordering the full range of an army in one order). That said, I’ve been dragged into Killteam with best intentions, such as « that’s a perfect occasion to play a new skirmish format with minis I allready own and paint ». Little I know…So I ended up painting these, although I allready got the exact same team from my regular Nids fully painted. But the occasion was too great to bring back this old lead to colors. These models are my first, I mean litteraly, ever. I was maybe around ten or twelve years old when I decide to spend all my pocket money on tiny bits of metal. Discovering Alien saga at the time, I ended up with a few slimy xenomorphs. Lire la suite

Random Encounter n°4

A quick one with this Wood Elves pose, ready to ambush any intruders of their sacred grounds. I’m currently trying to empty as many boxes of old lead as I can (foolish of me), and these old citadels crossed path with my brushes after a friend gave them to me.

Yup, you heard that right, a coworker who learned that I spend most of my free time painting little guys bring me a few shoe boxes full of treasures, remnent of his younger days in rpgs. I’ve found there so many great additions to my heroic fantasy everlasting collection, and ever since I’ve just to grab one of these whenever I don’t know what to paint (Like this could ever happened). Lire la suite

Oath of the Universe

Okay there, lots of new stuff from here. I’m trying to get some better pics by using a tiny lightbox, not easy to get a good hold on that, but hey, as everything it needs practice. Most importantly I’ll now try to wrote my post in english. Not sure I’ll be good at it, I’m a bit afraid of mistakes and misspelling, and mostly not being able to get the same tone as in french. But I’ll give a try.

So here’s comes my latest work. First one to recognize them get a wooden spoon! It’s been a while since I accept a commission, but the idea of this project make me go for it instantly. I’ve recently paint a Skeletor Chaos Sorcerer, so a friend of mine came to this idea of few MOTU barbarians based on the latest Underworld team. Got to be fair to him, it was a really good idea. The plan was to only do the paintjob, no modifications whatsoever. I tried to minimize my contrast for each colors to give this cartoon feel. I’ve think about going full lining but the result seems ok for me just like that. Lire la suite

Rencontres Aléatoires n°3

Un petit lot du projet donjons pour faire une petite pause avec la rouille. Quelques réfs qui traînaient et qui permettront de jouer toujours plus d’hommes de mains à Frostgrave, et que sais-je d’autre encore. Les vacances du pinceaux avec des sujets pas prise de tête.

Quelques héros, quelques méchants, et surtout une bonne dose de fun à travailler. J’apprécie bien ces petits one shot de monobloc métal (sauf deux), ou les choix et les techniques s’imposent naturellement au fil du travail. Lire la suite

Donjon Ikea

Petit va et viens entre les différents projets, pause dark futur pour retrouver le contact rassurant du bois ancien. J’ai reçu ces boîtes ils y a un bon moment, et ça méritait quand même bien une couche de peinture. Le manque de fun du projet m’a bien fait ramer, mais un coup d’pied au c** et c’était finalement pas si compliqué!

Un KS utile de Mantic Games, Terrain Crates, des boîtes de plastique mou moins classe que de la résine mais aussi tellement moins cher. Les différents sets sont en magasin, mais comme d’hab le KS permet une substantielle économie. Au final ça fait une bonne quantité de matos, ça va permettre de meubler pas mal de trucs, des ruines de Mordheim au bibliothèques de Felstad, en passant par du Dungeon Crawler ou du JdR. Lire la suite