Random Encounters n°9

Long time since I posted anything here…I guess there’s times like these. Anyway, I’m rethinking a bit about articles, and since painting is my main activity, I sometimes lack motivation to write about everything who fall under the brushes. So from now on I’m going to talk here mainly about personal projects.

Back to what it’s all about, minis! I’ve achieve a fair amount of an oldschool army, but in between I managed to squeeze some nice additions to the Project Dungeons.

There’s much more out of the family picture, but I’m gonna start with these! If you want to see other tuff, you’ll have to stay with us for a while…

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Unknown Heroes

You know this feeling when you thought you’d finished stuffs, then you look at the bottom of a box…

So here’s a few heros and mercenaries for the Age of Vikings. Miscellaneous minis from here and there, but who would without doubt be of some use at some point.

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Tumultus Gallicus

This one was by far one of the longest project I spent time on. But hell, totally worth it. Have some more bearded loudmouthed brawlers:

A huge Gallic warband for Saga, the Age of Hannibal. Some proper foes to the Roman legion painted before. Ten points were needed to have access to various options, even more in order to paint each and every minis from the kits.

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