Mayhem in Sector IV

Less painting this days, with some (too rare) nice spring days I spend most of my time in the car, visiting so many friends. Luckily some of them share the same affliction, meaning they tend to use their time splashing colors on tiny pieces of metal or plastic, before pushing them around making strange mouth noises while rolling dices like there was some sort of logic in it. This said, I hit the road regularly to play so many games, and most of them are basically awesome.

I connect with people who also share the same point of views about the hobby, that no game would be played without finished stuffs, the narrative should be a major part of it, and the competition can easily be place secondary. By this, I don’t judge others ways of playing games (I to sometimes get eager to win…), it just happened to be the way I want to play mine. Lire la suite

Good Ol’ Hive Mind

While I go ahead with my schedule of excavating the leadpile, I always find a way to add new projects to the existing ones (apparently it isn’t original at all), even though I’ve stop buying minis for a few month now (acquiring a few oldies via second hand market is really different from ordering the full range of an army in one order). That said, I’ve been dragged into Killteam with best intentions, such as « that’s a perfect occasion to play a new skirmish format with minis I allready own and paint ». Little I know…So I ended up painting these, although I allready got the exact same team from my regular Nids fully painted. But the occasion was too great to bring back this old lead to colors. These models are my first, I mean litteraly, ever. I was maybe around ten or twelve years old when I decide to spend all my pocket money on tiny bits of metal. Discovering Alien saga at the time, I ended up with a few slimy xenomorphs. Lire la suite

Séance de rattrapage

Un petit post mixte sur un sujet que j’ai horreur d’aborder, reproduire un taf précédemment achevé. Aka l’enfer de la reproduction des teintes, l’abîme du souvenir des étapes, l’échec de la cohérence d’unité.

Donc j’ai du compléter des Gobs et du Culte Genestealer, et ce un peu à reculons de peur d’échouer à produire des modèles cohérents avec les travaux antérieurs. Lire la suite

Guerre de gang Culte Genestealer

La révolution ne sera pas un diner de gala, avec ce quatrième gang pour Necromunda, des révolutionnaires cultistes Genestealers. Un batch de réfs tellement cool que je n’ai même pas eu le goût de faire des conversions, chaque figs étant vraiment bien foutue et visuellement très efficace.

Une grosse team de 18 pièces. Tout n’est pas jouable mais à la base c’était plus pour Inquisimunda, entre temps le roster est paru dans un WD. Comme j’ai horreur d’essayer de refaire un schéma après coup (et que je suis bien balaise pour me rajouter du taf), j’ai peins tout le lot, ça pourra toujours servir (ou pas, comme pas mal de truc dans mes collections). Lire la suite