Tutorial quick dark ages warriors

This one’s long overdue. Here’s how I managed to paint large amount of viking era armies, while not trying to sell my soul in exchange for more than twenty four hours painting a day!

I choose this Grippingbeast Anglo Saxon kit, cause it’s exactly the type of minis you’ll have to put in colors, if you plan to play some dark ages era settings. However the technics explained here will fairly work on any project you want to with a little adaptation.

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Tutorial quick legionaries

Here I’ll try to expose a step by step to paint Romans republican legionaries. The goal is to produce units of minis at a decent level of painting, but also in a acceptable amount of time.

We all have more minis than we can possibly paint, and yet we’re still buying more (everyone, don’t try to deny it), (and yes there’s to many good games with beautiful ranges and epileptic news rate, but I don’t want excuses (even though they’re good excuses)). So in order to reduce these piles of shame, I try to find technics and methods to go quicker from the undercoat spray to the varnish one.

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Tutorial Irish Shields

Here’s one I don’t get around that much. But I’ll try to do more like this. So that’s a step by step on how to make free hand dark age shields!

While there’s plenty of nice transfers on the market, I’d rather go for some original designs (while it’s more time consuming it’s also way more cheaper). I also think the final result looks much more united with the whole miniature, since you’ll get the same overall painting level, therefore a much more coherent model.

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