Tutorial quick dark ages warriors

This one’s long overdue. Here’s how I managed to paint large amount of viking era armies, while not trying to sell my soul in exchange for more than twenty four hours painting a day!

I choose this Grippingbeast Anglo Saxon kit, cause it’s exactly the type of minis you’ll have to put in colors, if you plan to play some dark ages era settings. However the technics explained here will fairly work on any project you want to with a little adaptation.

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Tumultus Gallicus

This one was by far one of the longest project I spent time on. But hell, totally worth it. Have some more bearded loudmouthed brawlers:

A huge Gallic warband for Saga, the Age of Hannibal. Some proper foes to the Roman legion painted before. Ten points were needed to have access to various options, even more in order to paint each and every minis from the kits.

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Tutorial quick legionaries

Here I’ll try to expose a step by step to paint Romans republican legionaries. The goal is to produce units of minis at a decent level of painting, but also in a acceptable amount of time.

We all have more minis than we can possibly paint, and yet we’re still buying more (everyone, don’t try to deny it), (and yes there’s to many good games with beautiful ranges and epileptic news rate, but I don’t want excuses (even though they’re good excuses)). So in order to reduce these piles of shame, I try to find technics and methods to go quicker from the undercoat spray to the varnish one.

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Time of raids

Well, it’s been a busy month. The posts here became a bit rare since I’ve got back to painting full armies, and not skirmish groups. Anyway, I finished my first non fantastical warband (not strictly historical). Collecting as I am always, I couldn’t get off with a logical six points format for Saga, and instead ended up with ten points an two warlords:

The reason is quite simple: you could play different boards (meaning armies in Saga) with some of the minis being the same ones (I just heard historians dropping dead in arguing in the back). So I’ve done some listing (army listing of course, we’re in good company here!), and settled with this raiding party. It allows me to field them as Vikings, Jomvikings, and even for the open minded, Norse Gaels or Pagan Rus (the four boards using the rune dices actually). Lire la suite

Lords of the Fall

So after talking about my recent interest for Saga, the logical next step was obviously to add a few projects to the current ones. I got to dig a bit to exhume this load of plastic and lead, laying around for maybe fifteen years. An early stage army from 2002 I guess, never got to paint them all, now here’s the chance.

A few glanzer bathes later and get myself hours of painting ahead (I’m not gonna try to tell I don’t like it). In the pic you can see my original list, but we all know it’s never enough. Old gwists like me knows we like to try each en every entry for the armies we play. So before soon i add many other stuffs to these, and ended up planning a few other compos for a few other factions (more on this later). But in a way, this project cost me very few since I started with almost everything in my possession (meaning I already bought it a long time ago), just to add a few quadruped creatures and maybe planning on acquire flying monsters or warchief options, but that’ll do for the time being. Lire la suite

Rage de sang 1° partie

Un jour j’ai découvert Kickstarter, et comme tout bon figuriniste sans une once de volonté, j’y ai plongé comme un toxico en manque d’une nouvelle came. Si le sevrage se passe actuellement bien (je suis plus prudent et plus exigeant), j’ai quand même fonçé sur des projets que j’ai par la suite regrettés ( SDE saison 2, Zombicide saison trouzmille…), et j’ai même pledgé par désœuvrement.

Blood Rage et de la deuxième catégorie. Très belles (grosses) figs et une promesse de compatibilité avec Conan, j’ai cliqué après un café de réflexion, sans jeter un œil au règles. J’ai tout peint rageusement après une partie test longue et chiante, et je me demandais si je n’étais pas en train de réitérer mon aventure SDE. Après avoir tout fini un peu moins bien que je ne l’aurais voulu (beaucoup de doublons et la peur de s’exciter pour rien), on a réussi à enchainer quelques parties.

On est venus pour les figs, on est restés pour les règles. Ce jeu est une tuerie. Attention, ce n’est pas un jeu de figs, ce sont plutôt des pions de luxe. Mais c’est un vrai plaisir de combiner un système efficace à une esthétique léché, un genre de cubentrash qui tourne bien avec une super rejouabilité. Lire la suite