Random Encounters n°9

Long time since I posted anything here…I guess there’s times like these. Anyway, I’m rethinking a bit about articles, and since painting is my main activity, I sometimes lack motivation to write about everything who fall under the brushes. So from now on I’m going to talk here mainly about personal projects.

Back to what it’s all about, minis! I’ve achieve a fair amount of an oldschool army, but in between I managed to squeeze some nice additions to the Project Dungeons.

There’s much more out of the family picture, but I’m gonna start with these! If you want to see other tuff, you’ll have to stay with us for a while…

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Electro Hunters

A little break from the dark ages and the fantasy. I converted this team a while ago, and never got to squeeze them in the heavy schedule of so many (actually too much) Saga lists. But I decided to gave myself a break from dirty beardy norsemen for a few dirty armored grimdarkfutur men (even women). So now they’re done (but they’re screaming for friends (preys maybe) to play with).

The Wendelheim clan, Electro Hunters from the Milton Gate, protectors of the Old Ashes Trail, gatherers of holy metallic wastes of the Malachaï Desolation.

So here came a family of grimdark hunters, fierce crusaders fighting the mutants horrors and bringing them back (maybe for food?) along any metal scraps they can scavenge on the way home to whatever hovel they call a settlement.

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The Horde

Orctober just ended, and luckily it as started at the same time I decide to finish an army project « only » six months old. As for many I planned to play Saga Age of Magic with minis I already painted. Sadly game mechanics never leaves you this opportunity, so I got to get back to the brushes (and the credit card to) in order to play my Night Goblins as a horde. Many mounted units are involved in this aggressive board, so I got to raid the second hand market, ended up with this lovely pile of lead.

Some lucky trades bring me to these, nice lads to bounce around and bring mayhem while drinking shroom booze!

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Rustcry: Iron Golems

In order to play quick games, I wanted to paint another Warcry warband (I mean pure Warcry Chaos band, not one of those overpowered AoS team), but in a relative speedy way. So I took on to bring colors to this Iron Golems, with an extremely corroded approach.

This ended up with only two kinds of surfaces, skin and metal with a strong contrast. I choose to do brown corroded rusty iron, with no traces left of true metal pigments. Then experienced with rust tones and pigment, technic I only used on sceneries. Lire la suite

Rustcry: the Unmade

As I try my best not to start to many projects at the same time, there’s always that one last/new/nice system that came up with brilliant promise of fun and (not so) quick paint time involved. Warcry is fun. Give it a go, it’s really fluid, immersive, quick, and on top of it, fun. I can already played my beloved 90´s Night Goblins for a starter, but I also wanted to play a more typical warband. For this game, I could have choose(n) any one, as each of it meet my taste, but I have a tendency to skinny gory dudes this days.

Here the Unmade, kind folks you want around at your party, they always got nice stories to tell about lovely amputation and exquisite flaying. I choose to go with intense rusted metals on pale skins, scorched rags and black leathers completing their outfit. Not sure on how to call them, The Red Nails or simply the Tetanus. Sadly I took pics before adding grass on the bases (and I’m a to lazy bastard to retake them). Lire la suite