Iron Man 10: Pagan Rus

Aaaand another one. Gear up your armor values as additional dices are gonna fall around. Here comes the black bears and the white wolves!

Another list I enjoy to play a lot. No cavalry nore fancy bowmen, only the raw strength of basics warriors and the cunning of javelin throwers levies.

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Iron Man 9: Anglo-Danes

The path to glory continues, on the last quarter of this huge project! I try not to feel the fatigues brought along this Anglo-Danes force.

On the road from Stamford to Hastings, meet the Anglo-Danes, all in yellow and blue. Does this mean they’re able to build strange named furnitures, let’s find out!

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Baseless Sassanids

Here’s an odd one, so I got to warn you. The bases… are not done. The client wanted to do it by himself. So here’s a close to finished Sassanid force!

The pics are not at their best, but it’ll work better on separate units topics. This force is intended to be played in the upcoming Age of Invasions Saga supplement, along with another new faction.

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Vodka and Fur Hats

Late middlehammer commision this time, with a little kislevite force, in order to patiently wait for the Old World return.

Nothing exceptional, classic but effective paint scheme. The center regiment are late 2000’s official Kislev range, the dogs are oldhammer dark elves pets, the last three came from Privater Press Khador faction, which fit perfectly the thematic.

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