Random Encounters n°9

Long time since I posted anything here…I guess there’s times like these. Anyway, I’m rethinking a bit about articles, and since painting is my main activity, I sometimes lack motivation to write about everything who fall under the brushes. So from now on I’m going to talk here mainly about personal projects.

Back to what it’s all about, minis! I’ve achieve a fair amount of an oldschool army, but in between I managed to squeeze some nice additions to the Project Dungeons.

There’s much more out of the family picture, but I’m gonna start with these! If you want to see other tuff, you’ll have to stay with us for a while…

These two are from the beloved Mercenaries GW range. Delicate middlehammer style, they would do great in any skirmish rules I use. I don’t get to far from the original paint scheme, the only original take was the red painted crossbows with markings.

A knight from slavic inspiration. A quick google search allowed me to find this kind of patterns for the shield, which is a nice variation from all the viking era stuff I’m dealing with usually.

This particular one I’ve been looking for a long time, then a (beloved) client offered me one at a real decent price. So I finally can add a proper alchemist to my Underworld Protean Lizardmen force! I hope I successfully recall all the painting process from maybe two years ago (things I hate to do…).

An afraid bystander, I seem to recall he came from the last metal version of the GW giant. Took me 15 minutes, and he will be put to good use, at least through some Shadowdeep scenarios.

Then there’s this weirdo thing. An early 2000’s chaos familiar, painted to Tzeentch tones. ugly as f*** if I may…

These don’t appear in the school picture. This is a collection of various bits accumulated over the years, that can be (as always) used in many ways. I got to mention that I really enjoy painting these, quick and efficient, lovely pieces!

Especially those two pets. I tried to exploit mid 90’s painting schemes for this tiny classical monsters.

Those two grinch were some kind of exercises for pale skin and corroded iron, they’ll work well around bogs and swamps! Nasty and rusty.

Here’s my favorite mini of the year! I couldn’t miss this barbarian, at a point that I bought just this mini. The painting is extremely classic, as suited such an iconic hero.

Lastly I came up with some more gaming tokens. Rather than sceneries, these ancient stones would be interesting clues.

Some rotten… stuffs, I don’t know what it would be. But it’s disgusting, so it’s great! Perfect fly nests for Shadowdeep!

Lastly, this gorgeous piece of history would embellish every dungeon hall with a touch of classicism and even nostalgia! It’s also foreshadowing one of my biggest project to come.

Anyway, this is roughly the continuation of the Project Dungeon , and I hope that I’ll wrote more often about it! See you around the dice!

Jean Peinture


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