Unknown Heroes

You know this feeling when you thought you’d finished stuffs, then you look at the bottom of a box…

So here’s a few heros and mercenaries for the Age of Vikings. Miscellaneous minis from here and there, but who would without doubt be of some use at some point.

There’s a few warriors, serving as personal heroes or so, mythical figures even…

None of this are meant to be historically accurate.

I played around with tattoos and runes.

I got no clue about where each of these came from. But I liked working on every one and other.

There’s also a good deal of mystics. First of all a strange one eye old bearded guy who seems to like pets.

This one’s close, but both eyes are missing.

This one could be either a priest or a skald.

And this one knows were to find the good mushrooms!

There it is, a batch of characters for ending the viking era (or is it…)

Jean Peinture


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