Iron Man 8: Carolingians

So down to two thirds of the big twelve. Carolingian Francs are the eighth faction to fall under the brushes!

Here you go for a the diesel crew, carefully staking dices in order to activate multiple times without any fatigue.

There’s a few range included here: Grippingbeast for the warlord, heartguards and foot warriors, Artizan Designs for the mounted ones, then Conquest Games for the bowmen.

Here the main colors are deep red, green and bright white, with golden yellow ornements. It’s quite close to the Anglo-Saxons, but the tones are subtly brighter here, somehow less hearthy. A lot of horses, so I decided to restrain their robe as well, no black, grey or white, only browns.

Always start with a good old levy unit. Javelins can do a lot of damages well used, not to mention their versatility.

Archery is a warrior job in this faction. They’re able to shoot multiple time during the same turn.

So in order to bring them to the twelve men limit I painted two points of them.

But let’s not forget the heart of every faction. Basic warriors. The most reliable force, durable and versatile.

They two are needed in two points, just in case. Remenber to close ranks as soon as you can.

Then to harass the opponent, mounted warriors bearing javelins. Always a hit, more so when you can suractivate without fatigues.

Then the strongmen. Mounted hearthguards as usual, hitting hard from afar.

And as so many things in this list, make it two please. I tried to restrain the shields designs in order to unify the faction (as usual).

The mercenary of this faction is the foot monk, ideal if you need that one last die on your Proelium capacity.

We got not one but two banner this time. As usual simple paper painted flat, then put to form with wood glue.

And at last (tradition here) our warlord, with his glorious mustache. I missed it on the picture but you can guess that he wear the finest cloak.

Hope not to cross steel with these one too soon, I got a few bad memories fighting them. And what shall be the next faction?

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