For a few characters more!

I’m (slowly) completing my Dracula’s America project, with a few more gangs and errant monsters.

I’m getting close to the end of the whole work, but not quite so (there’s always more…). But what do we got here?

Painting is always a learning experience. Here nothing too fancy, but I tried to push a little further my highlights, and adding a few freehands here and there. I also attempt to improve OSL’s, mostly about glowing eyes, but that’s not really my upper game.

The Twilight Order, coming with a angel, the wings, feathers and all… The idea of cow boy templars is pretty appealing though (with the benefit of making me work on my NMM). The rest of the team will be field with lawmen I guess.

The Congregation is not afraid to use magik to fight the darkness. Vodou doctor and Loas vessel are leading the South liberation.

It was good exercise painting this skin tone again. Don’t hesitate to shade it with dark green or blue to add a few nuances.

I find that the starter set from Northstar lacks a few henchmen. So I added these Buffalo soldiers from Artizan Design. Coming from the yankees side, they fit the thematic nicely.

Even the dead are still walking along the living, coming back as mighty zombies (glowing eyes are optional).

Swamp (thing!) Baka and Temple Snake are powerful allies that can be summoned, that is if you got an arcanist of course.

To oppose them we got the Dark Confederate! I’ve always been fond of the baddies, but these are a bit extreme. Those rich land owners are practicing necromancy on their own soldiers, in order to continue the (lost) cause.

Some of them are just ragged veterans…

The others… well they’re not so lucky…

They too can summon allies, in the form of this Pale Rider. The Corn Devil is more of a random encounter, a nice mini from Crooked Dice.

There’s a few from the Hunting Grounds, the Ghost Witch, and a Swamp Bukwus, to develop the natives side of the narration.

I couldn’t find a Flying Head that suits my taste, so I turned to this Otherworld Penanggalan, that should do the trick. Quick paintjob on the Angry Spirit, now he could haunt anything he wants.

So here’s for the last stuff. I got like four other teams to go, and a few monsters from the mythos lore, then we can start campaigning! See you there, weird cowboy…

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