The cards, the bad and the ugly.

And… it’s done! Full project closed on Dracula’s America (or is it). Each factions, most of the bestiary, even some extras…

That would be the last of them. Or at least I hope so…

The Salem Sorority is lead by a traditional witch trio (reminds me of some of them leaving near the Ramtops), the maiden, the mother and the crone.

They’re under the protection of… well protectors, of course. I enjoy the quaker, but the pose seem a little odd.

And the rest of the team. Not an hard work choosing and working these colors, this group’s probably the one who took me the least time to execute.

Opposed to Salem we got some folks coming right out of the lovely Insmouth. A nice summer destination along the coast!

The weather is sweet and people are nice here. Don’t step in the swamp though…

Be nice to thy fair lady, and don’t mind the tentacles… The emissary of Dagon and her gentle pets.

Here’s another kind of swamps residents. The Kin are all about family. And steacks… whatever the provenance.

Ma and Pa are taking extra care of their children, even if it mean to let the gunpowder speak.

This way they can grew big and… so to say healthy.

These folks ain’t from around I guess. Look at those silly attires. And what’s with all the jumping and kicking around? And why this Lo Pan keep asking for his third thunder?

Building the railroad and laundering clothes maybe a facade for the Shadow Dragon Tong.

A few hired guns hanging around, quick bit fun paintjob.

There’s also few errant monsters, in a mythos vibe. These Crooked Dice models were supposed to be plants, but i’d rather gave them this dark nightmarish skin.

The water here is not safe… Making me think I’ll need more swamps and bayou themed scenery (more work you said…).

More eldritch menace. If it combine wings and tentacles at the same time, you know your in for some good cosmic horror!

So there it is, close to everything having characteristics in the books has a mini painted, now I need to find some time to play! Bang bang!

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