Iron Man 5: Anglo-Saxon

Here we go along our travel across the various faction of Age of the Vikings. Make room, the place is going to get crowded with the Anglo-Saxons!

At least five units at the maximum capacity, one of the biggest Saga army that I have painted so far…

Let’s talk obvious, I’ve been full Rohirrim on this one. Greens and ocres, leather and woods, horses iconography, red and blond hairs. The rest is tradition, base, wash, highlight, nothing fancy. So let’s assemble the fyrd!

Always recruit a bowmen levy (that is if you can…). Even with no capacities from the board, everyone will think twice before staying around two activations of them.

So why don’t take two of it. Cover the field with arrows, stone, pine cones or whatever. Even though it doesn’t dealt too many losses, the target can’t even hit back.

A third levy unit, this time with basic equipment, allowing you devastating charge in case you’ve loaded the right capacity (giving them warrior like attacks).

You also had great facilities to activate big units, so big unit it is. Twelve warriors units is always hard to manage fir the opponent.

As usual if it works… make it two! I based most of the shields designs around crosses and horses, adding a few more basic dark ages patterns for (again) variations.

A few more warriors, just in case (actually these are leftovers and experimentations, but you know I’ll never let no minis sadly grey!). They’re some norse mercenaries pledging allegiance to the warlord, in hope of marriage alliance.

More mercenaries, even rule wise, with danish Errant Warriors. No doubt their fatigue mechanics will do wonder along the battle board of this faction.

No matter which list, mounted hearthguards is always a hit. Maneuverable and strong, the perfect second line unit. Take care to bring them up during the last turns, as they lack resilience. Perfect for finishing anything you’ll need to eradicate.

Every faction needs his warlord. Ideally gave him a nice elevated base, to make him stand up among his troops. Moreover adjoining him some standard bearer or musician, even bodyguard.

But if you want to, there’s no obligation for a larger base. This alternate warlord will be easier to move and to hide on the battlefield.

And just in case, two more warlords, mounted this time. With them the family portrait is complete, and I can now safely move up norse for the next faction.

Just a few more for this age…

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