For a fistfull of NPC’s

There’s something rotten around Deadwood. So rotten that it started to smell real bad…

I finally got the time to work on Dracula’s America. Four team playable, a few mercenaries and many unwanted encouters! Damn it fells good to advance this way

I got a full collection of minis and sceneries for Dead Man’s Hand, sadly collecting dust for years now. When Dracula’s America came out I instantly told myself that this would help me reuse all this stuff. That should just take a few miniatures more, what’s the risk. How come that I know myself so little?

So after waiting for two extensions to come out, I decided to buy everything in one run. Everything I need, as the shelves are crowded with regular guns to hire. So everything supernatural related must go by the basket. I always start with npc’s, cause you never know when you’ll need them, possibly right from the start. Most of the minis came from the official range, but I gathered some extra here and there.

Just to stick to the actuality, the residents here tend to feel not so well. And we think we’ve just found where’s the smell came from… I thought about pallid purple dead flesh or scorched dried pale leather, but I settle for a classic rotten green, classics are always a sure choice.

Three mercenaries, a Stitch Doctor, a well known Undead Gunslinger, and a Preacher (shame I didn’t have one before). Those three were a delight to paint. After many projects involving never less than sixty minis (at least), working on solo miniatures seems like vacation!

There’s a rather large proportion of undying things here. Two more of them with a bear and a cow from DM’sH range, not willing to rest at all. I went really soft with the gory effects, as I tend to find it messy and no easy to read on a mini.

A Jackalope and a Chupacabra. Yeah now I can proudly assume that one day I painted an hare with antlers. Àd that green dude over there? Yeah dont mind him, he’s just looking for a goat to suck on…

Less funny, a Sasquatch and a Manitou. That’s right, no blurry pictures this time, we see him for real. And the second is in no case Mickey Mouse under the influence of meth (although that would explain the demise of a far far away galaxy…).

Even less funnier, a Great Vampire and a Wendigo. I got the first mini for ages and didn’t guess a single clue as where it would came from. The second one looked like a bit goofy, but I tried to stick to the lore of his curse.

A Vulture from ???, and a Cougar, actually a snow panther from Frostgrave, both with magic glowing eyes. I figure I can find a way to use them, as nature spirits or else…

About spirits, here an Arcanist Medecine Man of the Skinwalker Tribe. As I already got a full pose of natives, I just got to add the mystic fella along with some morphed animal forms. That’s where I remembered this animal spirits from the superb Demonworld range (guess I’ll order the others soon). The eagle can also make a great Thunder Bird I guess.

There’s others skin changers in town. But they’re less willingly to do so… The Forsaken, lead by nonetheless the Yellow Head Custer, are cavalrymen under a dark malediction. As for the previous tribe, I also own a full unit of these army men, so just by the addition of this three here another team playable.

Weird how these guys always wait after sundown to go out… And what’s with the shades? Here again for the Red Hand Coven, I choose to paint only additional members, filling their ranks with some outlaws from here and there. Maybe Pinkertons…

The Crossroads Cult is one of my favorite thematic of the game. Riches entrepreneurs building huge pentacle with railroad tracks across the country under the patronage of Aleister Crowley, alright sign me in. I added a few hooded cultist (there’s even one with a fez!), and took a classic Bob Olley sculpt as greater demon. There you go, draw the magic circle, I’ll start the invocation!

We already tried our first game. The ruleset is reactive and fun, no doubt the campaign will add a great deal of fun. Surely it was cool to bring out those 4ground sceneries, but what if… we needed a little (just a little) few more…

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