Here’s a good change this time. I was contacted by http://uscarlminis.free.fr, in order to paint one of they Bloodbowl team.

So here’s a combination of the lowest forms of life from the old world, the Underworld team! The troll is sculpted by Team Uscarl, skavens are from Tim Prow, and goblins came from Kevin Adams! Well those seems to be right on the spot for me…

Here the plan was to join all those ethnicities together. Strong yellow and black to make them easily recognizable. And to work well either with, let see, green, blue skin and brownish fur. . I tone down the bases to suggest sewers environment rather than green grassy fields, and to contrast with all those bright colors.

I got to exhume a old treasure of mine, a true Green Goblin GW pot from an ancient era! The bright color, the consistency, even the smell, all feels just like old times. I almost missed my bus for school!

I simply love those monobloc pose, so easy to apprehend, to read and to paint. I took extra care to blend smoothly the skin tones, including some variations in the highlights, using different yellow, ivory and white.

More cool monoblocs here, they too are kind of iconic in style! The mohawk is an obvious reference to 90’s cartoon. The skin received subtle blue glazes in order to convey some sickness feel.

Most of the furs were done in redish browns, to keep some saturation compared to other players. I hesitate to had some rust or corrosion but decided not to in the end. Too many tones wouldn’t be easy to the eye.

Mauricio the Claw received a classic traitement for a stone troll. Extra care were added to those big lovely (empty) eyes.

I also painted a variety of balls, no doubt you can find one which will perfectly suit your team!

All of this models can be ordered from the Uscarl Miniatures website, don’t hesitate to go check there if you’re interested in fantasy football, or even more classical fantasy and sci-fi minis!


Now back to less comical characters, we can hear so warcry coming down from the norse!

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