December Special

Dusty in here. I’ve questioned myself about keeping on writing about minis I paint for others. But then I thought that there’s still somethings to tell. So here’s a few words, then a few pics!

I had a hard time taking pics of this December Crew for Malifaux. It’s an alternate version where the minis are twisted Christmas version. I’m unfamiliar with wyrd’s universe, and mostly I not really fan of their aesthetic, but these chaps here really got something.

Some of the minis where clearly related to the theme, some less. Here the red and green color scheme was a bit discrete, so I came up with the idea of the candy cane harpoon, which ties it to the team.

Here the original concept was all icy and pale blue, all I can think was some parodical version of « kinky » Christmas costume. I kept blue magical effect on hands and eyes (although I’m not really good at it), and go right away with bright string tone!

These where hard to unite with the crew. I kept blue ice effect, then go for more earthy tones to reflect a wilder side. Even the fur tend to suggest savages aspects.

Boy did I really enjoyed working on these three. At first the work of pure withe snow was a bit scary but with a bit of preparation it turned out well (I guess). I preshaded it with pure white ont top of black, then work with a base of contrast Apothecary and white (again) highlights, carefully trying to render a snowy texture. The rest of the details are just… hmm… details. And carrots. They got carrots noses, which is cool!

This was a strange piece of work. I mean, extremely detailed and interesting face, then nothing more to do elsewhere. I spent quite some time on eyes and teeth only before asking myself what was I suppose to do with the rest. So I just paint this pale beige furry body, the creepy hands and I stick to the red and green color scheme. But look at this nightmare of a face! I’ve had so much fun working those pink crazed eyes.

This was a nightmare to take pictures of, and a bit of a disappointment to paint. The coat was really boring with almost no texture and the face is close to inexistent. But little details as tree decorations or the content of the bag were helpfull to make focus point on the character.

This one was a hell of a fun. I knew at first glance that I kept him for the end (exception made for the leader, who always comes last). Everything is perfect, and the details are smooth and refined. No major twist with the colors, I went with extra bright tone of the Christmas palette.

Then the boss. A hell to build, but fun to paint. In a way some of these minis are falsely complex. I mean you think there will be a lot of layers and textures, then it’s all finished before you realized it. The long socks were the only complex part, all the rest goes as planned. She received a highgrounded base to set her as the chief, then done.

Overall fun to paint, I got to learn a few new tricks to paint this kind of models. But that’s what you got to do every time. Now i got a few extra post to write about a few month of painted minis! See you around!

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