Cyberpunk Nightmare

Another alt crew for Malifaux, with awesome concepts, a bit too cyberpunk for the setting, but overall such coolness.

The « Nightmare Edition 1988 » , an overall colorful composition, with really great sculpt (and a hell of tiny tiny really tiny pieces like only Wyrd can produce). These are alternate sculpts for the Arcanists Ten Thunders and count as Mei Feng crew.

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December Special

Dusty in here. I’ve questioned myself about keeping on writing about minis I paint for others. But then I thought that there’s still somethings to tell. So here’s a few words, then a few pics!

I had a hard time taking pics of this December Crew for Malifaux. It’s an alternate version where the minis are twisted Christmas version. I’m unfamiliar with wyrd’s universe, and mostly I not really fan of their aesthetic, but these chaps here really got something.

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