Cave Lizards

Well with nothing else to do than paint, at least the lead pile tend to lowering a bit (I mean really just a bit…). So here’s a whole new army intended to be played in Saga Age of Magic.

After one lucky find on the second hand market and a few Ebay frenzy search, I ended up with this new project for an Underworld Saga list. I took extra care to collect only metal models, as they’re more expressive than those poor plastic versions at the time. It sometimes makes it hard to find since the plastic boxes came at a lower price than the lead blisters at the time, but except for Terradons, Lizard and Snakes Swarm and one Saurus champion, I managed to get the whole range.

A first levy of Skinks with bows.

The idea was to transpose this Lizardmen army in some cave civilization the emerge from the depth to fight my Goblins hordes or even my pal Yohan’s Skavens for some underground space and ressources. I picture them as subterranean albinos creatures, much like axolotl or proteus, dwelling in the dark of the underworld.

Second levy Skinks with javelins.

It took me a few experiments to find a pleasing color scheme, and I realized that I shouldn’t try to do too realistic look for the skin, rather got to find some easy to read combination. I work first with all the Skinks, then for bigger creatures I add a few steps to make them seams more like albinos reptiles, like turtle or crocodile.

Salmander and handlers crew, which can be used as static or mobile war machine.

As I get three sets, it could ideally get fielded as three quadruped creatures and a third Skink levy unit.

I decided early for the opposition between the white squamous flesh and the deep crimson crest. The rest came by evidence. The leather clothes are pure black for contrast and simplicity, as for the eyes (it was hard not to make them blind white/grey or even red, but I think it works that way).

A few extras with Standards and Drumer. The dual based make some Weapon Team from the underneath, as they bear some ancient magic drums that can provoque earth to move!

Cold ones riders would make great mounted Hearthguards, even a mounted Warlord to go along.

I knew the jewelry and trinkets were to be some pale bronze, and I thought about making onyx weapons, but I guess this would be to much to read on minis (as I was painting a whole army, not just one piece), so I stayed on bronze, which was green glazed to look kind of ancient.

A large unit of Saurus warriors, with various head quarters.

Here forming two units, the lot costing two and a half points in Saga.

The larger models, saurus and more, received a black wash on their scaly back, to focus on their armored characteristic. The even bigger ones such as the Stegadon got extra grey shade for the skin.

Temple Guards, Hearthguards or Warriors equiped with two handed weapons.

Bones like Temple Guards helmets, were treated very simply but in a deep saturation, not to be confused with white flesh. All the precious stones were done as clear emeralds, following the ancestral way of the sacred Heavy Metal gem tutorial.

The unstoppable Stegadon, fielded as Monster Behemoth or Titan.

There’s a few wood, mostly weapons, bows and spears. I settled on a brownish grey, but that’s the part of the work I’m not sure of. Then the many feathers of the standards received a combination of turquoise, blue and deep purple, as a tonic note to contrast the rest of the models.

Powerful Kroxigors, two points of bipedal creatures.

The bases were made to picture underground environment, dark grey colors, clear crystals, a few stalagmites and fluorescent mushrooms, and neon tuft grass turquoise and pink. now I got to restrain myself to make a whole board accordingly.

This one is to be played as my Warlord. In Saga it’s a nice way to picture general to put a few minis on a larger base, as to be seen as some headquarters crew.

This Skink Priest can be used as a Shaman or an underneath Lieutenant, a powerful Alchemist who can shoot powerful firearm poisoned javelin at the enemies.

And lastly the powerful Slann, leaving half god to his people, powerful ancient magic user, and nightmares of assembly (flashes of fingers glued to the models…).

The Slann received a special treatment, as for any center piece. More redish pink glazed flesh, white doted skin, extra care to the eyes, and such…

So except from a few Terradons and some Sacred Grounds, I can now play these Cave Lizards as Underground People or even Great Kingdoms army in Saga Age of Magic, not to mention, as always, various uses in any fantasy setting. Now back to more realistic minis, for some historical settings.

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12 réflexions sur “Cave Lizards

  1. Amazing job ! I love your original work on those lizards. I have some old lizards too but they’re a lot of them that I didn’t knew. Especially the basic skinks and saurus in metal.


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