Well, these were painted a few month ago, but due to current situation, I was unable to play them on the field.

An Anglo-Danes force to resist the Norsemen invasion. Being greedy as always, I also think of fielding them as Anglo-Saxons just in case. Also due to the insane amount of miniatures in a Victrix sprue bag (you get 60 minis for around 40€), you can’t go wrong with too many warlords and other stuff. I just regret that the dark ages range of the brand lack some archers/slingers. I still miss twelve of them plus a few javeliners to call this army done. But here’s for the time.

Two warriors points, classic but efficient. I used my (now) classic three steps painting process, bases, washes, edges. Extra care to few details, such as faces and shields, and bushy flat bases do the trick. I try to use more blue grey than with Vikings, but also to keep the same type of tonality.

Two other warriors points. The Victrix range is slightly upscaled compared to Gripping Beast’s, but nothing to be concern if they are facing, and not on the same side. The minis looks really great, although some poses can be a bit peculiar and redundant. But the overall is fantastic, extremely detailed and dynamic.

Danish axes wielder, intended to be played as Errant Warriors, putting fatigue markers to good use with the capacities of the Anglo-Danes board. I can also play them as Hearthguards, but I’m not sure they’ll be really interesting with these boards.

An Saxon Warlord, along with a Priest. The banners are based on existing products, but as for the shields I wouldn’t dare have some non handmade stuff. I painted these on paper over a desaturated prints (mostly to avoid symmetry nightmares) then put it in shapes with wood glue. Then an extra mate varnish coat allows to give the same texture on the overall mini.

A Anglo-Dan Warlord and the Great Banner of the fyrd. Glorious mustache and bad temper for everyone. I like to put Saga Warlords on top of rocks and such to focus attention, this one is ready to clean his fatigues while augmenting is armor.

So this is still missing a few levy, but soon I hope I’ll be able to play them, maybe in Metz grand melee this later this spring (although there’s little hope). I now turn my sight (mostly my brushes) into the depth, where blind eyes stares at the abyss, and war drums echoes along the caves. Maybe a fifth army for Saga will emerge this year!

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