Peasants and carts

Just a quick one about a few lead monoblocs. Those are intended for Saga scenarios involving citizens and baggages.

A few dark ages bystanders fleeing from raids of the norsemen, or just maybe they don’t assume their poor molded faces!

You need three cart for most of the scenario involving them. I kitbash them custom bases, as I can’t stand square anymore.

I then painted those folks as usual, nothing fancy here except for a few patterns on the ladies dresses.

As usual, everything can be used in any other miniature game, even rpg (even though the flat bases don’t match the usual ones, which bothers me more than it should).

I also got a few dead cattle, great add for any battlefield ambiance, although it mostly reminds me that I should get around painting a few live and well ones.

So that’s all for this one, now onto my Anglo-Danes force, or maybe some other secret project, who knows…

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