Iron Man 3 Last Romans

We continue our journey trough the Vikings age with the Eastern Roman Empire, lead by no one less than the Basileus himself.

This is a full lead army. Many of it is from Crusader Miniatures, some are Footsore and I guess the mounted warlord is from Gripping Beast. Overall a nice army to bring to colors!

The dominants here a bright reds, blues and yellows, added with many shades of whites and beiges. There’s a little more units than the usual eight points, mostly because many of these miniatures were too nice not to paint them. I also took extra time on the shields, cause every army that had something more complex than simple vikings patterns are a delight to paint.

So for a starter we got levy from Footsore range. They’re equiped with javelins, as you need bows and not slings with this battle board.

Two units should give a good punch, javelins made them polyvalent, and various capacities of the board allows them a good threat level.

I paint them really basic, picturing them as mercenaries, so they don’t held any dressing nor heraldry from the regular army.

Then the solid heart of the list, one and a half point of warriors with bows. Put them in hard cover, you could shoot twice every round and they won’t be bothered with the great banner. I paint it on regular paper, then put it in form using wood glue.

Another one and a half point, of basic warriors this time. You’ll always need simple but versatile warriors in any list. Great value in conquest, closing ranks ability and occupation of covers make them essential.

I got a lot of fun with the shields on this one.

Another warriors unit, these will serve as Flemish mercenaries. There defensive will be put tu good use along with the capacity to redirecting charges.

Two points of Varangians hearthguards (them came by eight, and I could leave no unpainted minis behind). For some heavy strikes.

Those were my favorite to draw, combining viking and christian heraldry with effective colors.

Moving fast, mounted hearthguards with short bows is not the most interesting choice for this army, but you know what I’m thinking of unpainted minis.

Mounted hearthguards are also a good choice for many lists. Forming a second line, their maneuvering ability allowing the to catch anything worth some points during the last rounds of a game.

So why not two units, just in case… (once again too many minis in the blisters)

This banner was handpainted on simple paper, then soaked in wood glue before given form while drying.

Last one, the Emperor himself. A nightmare to take good pictures. The light is wrong and he doesn’t seem to have a right angle to capture.

Oups, nearly forgot him. Just in case he decided to let go his horse…

So there goes the third army of the Iron Man project. Nine more to go. But it seems that we’re about to take a little break to look at an even more ancient time. Dare I say antiquity…

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