Bollywood express

Second time I got to put the brushes on a Malifaux crew, this time it’s Sandeep Desai’s crew.

First it’s absolutely not my usual palette. But I was asked to go full pop here. So I got to exhume a few colors that don’t go out often in my production. It was kind of refreshing to bring these heavily saturated tones.

The Essence of Power stand aside the general painting scheme. I thought it would be to enforced to gave him the same combination as the others, and the official artwork was pretty good. So here’s deep purples and pale pinks. I first work him with loads of washes, then proceed to highlight everything.

The Shastar Vidiya Guards where supposed to be painted red and green, but it was before I find this beautiful combination while documenting some Sikhs warriors pics. They’re quite simple but I’m satisfied the way they came out.

Banasuva was pretty straightforward. Blue skin, yellow flammes, some gold and red silk. I worked the fire mostly in glazes, just finishing with a touch a white.

Kandara was pretty close to the previous one, with the addition of some gory skulls. I went full gold for her weapons, quite sure steel or silver would fell odd with the overall model.

Kudra was my favorite piece of the set. I’ve gone very deep with the drape and the face was a delight to work with. Even the tiny cobras (that I didn’t succeed to focus in the pics) were pretty fun to work on.

Then the faction’s boss, Sandeep Desai. The customer made his huge base I got to work just like another miniature. But it’s making him stand on top of the crew.

I tried to bring the others crew members tones in this one, to keep some coherent patterns. The mini is pretty colorful but I still find him pretty readable.

The addition of strass was in the order, I’m not a big fan of this but the customer was pretty happy with it. I’ve toned down the bases in order to contrast with the bright minis, neutral grey stone and dark green tuft.

An overall fun project with colors that make me feel like a vacation in a cartoon. Anyway, time to go back to the dark ages.

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