Iron Man 7: Scots

Here’s the great Scots. First faction I got to really play after learning the game. Watch those pointy sticks!

Scruffy and cunning, but mostly resilient and hard to kill, you better watch out for the Scot counter-attack, when all this defense dices turn into attacks. Double of it nonetheless.

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Tutorial quick dark ages warriors

This one’s long overdue. Here’s how I managed to paint large amount of viking era armies, while not trying to sell my soul in exchange for more than twenty four hours painting a day!

I choose this Grippingbeast Anglo Saxon kit, cause it’s exactly the type of minis you’ll have to put in colors, if you plan to play some dark ages era settings. However the technics explained here will fairly work on any project you want to with a little adaptation.

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Tumultus Gallicus

This one was by far one of the longest project I spent time on. But hell, totally worth it. Have some more bearded loudmouthed brawlers:

A huge Gallic warband for Saga, the Age of Hannibal. Some proper foes to the Roman legion painted before. Ten points were needed to have access to various options, even more in order to paint each and every minis from the kits.

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