Iron Man 7: Scots

Here’s the great Scots. First faction I got to really play after learning the game. Watch those pointy sticks!

Scruffy and cunning, but mostly resilient and hard to kill, you better watch out for the Scot counter-attack, when all this defense dices turn into attacks. Double of it nonetheless.

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Vodka and Fur Hats

Late middlehammer commision this time, with a little kislevite force, in order to patiently wait for the Old World return.

Nothing exceptional, classic but effective paint scheme. The center regiment are late 2000’s official Kislev range, the dogs are oldhammer dark elves pets, the last three came from Privater Press Khador faction, which fit perfectly the thematic.

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Epire Kingdom

Another digression from the Iron Man project, with a army for the Age of Hannibal, a Greaculi faction. Here goes the skirts parade!

Those are antic greek successors. Playable as three lists, the Epirotes are the only one able to recruit elephants. This give you a imposing centerpiece a bit unusual in Saga.

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