Upper Class Boss

Here comes a big one! But a lonely one. But boy he is big!

This fella was converted by Mahar Prod. You can find more of his work here http://mahar-prod.blogspot.com . It was a bit of fun tryin to work on a piece I haven’t build.

He obviously belong to the Bad Moonz klan, bearing deep black and strong yellow tones. The rest felt almost as evidence, with scraped metals, red details and obviously, the green skin. A desert sand base would achieve the combination, as you usually want a terrain makin your mini stand apart (unless it’s trying to hide in it…)

He got a face making me thing of Ranxerox…

This grot is also quite stylish, with a pair of jeans, tank top and his red cap.

The tool was the perfect place to play with stripes. As I love to do so…

A back view of the machinery.

Overall a fine piece. Hopping to work on more diverse projects like this soon. Orkish or not…

Jean Peinture

2 réflexions sur “Upper Class Boss

  1. That’s an impressive fellow !

    Your painting is amazing, really. Thanks for the close up on the weapon, that’s really useful to understand the technique, I need to try it.


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