Inner Crusade

A little commission from the west south, setting in the Age of Crusades.

The Cathare heresy and the Albigeois crusade benefit from a little supplement in the Crusades supplement for Saga.

Here the project is to use a full box of Fireforge western knights in order to represent Albigeans troops, characters, and even the most famous opponent.

Bright colors are achieved using GW Contrast paint over a zenithal brown and sand undercoat, the just received a few highlights. Rest of the minis are painted the usual way.

Occitan lancers, along with the great banner bearing the Languedoc cross.

Carcassonne faydits, other colors but same side.

The lord of Trancavel.

And the count of Foix.

Painting these was not that hard, you got to draw the patterns first. With a darker tone, sketch the stripes outlines on the scabbard, caparacon and shield. You can correct it using your basecoat color. Then fill the part using one thick Contrast coat. The hardest thing is not to inprint the pattern flat, but to follow the volumes and distortion of the fabrics. A good way to get it right is to use borders as markers. Point where a line start and end, then simply rejoins those points.

Lastly the baddie, Simon of Montfort, taking the lead of the crusaders. This one was a bit trickier with the five lions all over there.

A fun project, and a good training for another secret one! Cheers.

Jean Peinture

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