One more dungeon!

A hell of a ride, but boy, totally worth it! This huge modular dungeon is done, and there’s many hours of fun play to come with it!

This project was achieved after a few month of dedicated work, with the help of my beloved girlfriend. At the start we plan on using the Game Master Kit from Then we ended up adding a bunch of various stuffs from here and there. However the base set is a great deal in order to start this kind of setting.

The first step was to plan a bit ahead. I wrote a quick list of ideas, fun stuffs I want in, even just keywords in order to gather informations about where all of this had to go. The main thought was to reproduce most of the first Warhammer Quest tiles. This gave us a good starting pattern, and we can even play it one day (if we found the time). With all this in mind, we can go to the cutting sculpting phase.

We cut and textured all the tiles before starting to paint. This way you don’t go in different path along the stages. After having all the WQ tiles done, we add the various ideas we had. Pillars, wheels, pits, bridges and other tiny parts which add more depth to the concept. A few texture was added here and there, and started the (long process of) painting.

Even the dog gave a hand (or a pawn)! Many possibilities came up as coloring the tiles. Sober greystones dungeons, grimdark and over textured crypt, shiny and perfect clean temple, etc. But we finally settle on an old school fantasy look, using some of WQ artwork to end up with a colorful rendition of our dungeon.

We also play around with many effects, moss, rust, corrosion, oxydation end various tufts, adding some life in it. A clean black edge as a finish touch and we were done. It can look a bit flat this way, but a got an insane collection of accessories to furnish the rooms. So next step, was to try a little bit of setting up! Here’s a good batch of pics, just for the eye!

So these are large scale of the full tables we can now assemble. But you can also have a lot of details.

Hope you got a good dose! This set up allows awesome plays of Frostgrave, Mordheim and Rangers of the Shadowdeep, even Warhammer Quest or other dungeon crawl board game. Hell we can also use it for RPG session. There’s always many ways to add tiles and accessories, but for the time I’ll call this one finished!

Jean Peinture


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