Black Riders

A little commission this time, but full of surprises. Here’s a camel riders berber javeliners unit

Many things put me off trail here. First, a single unit!? No whole army, no various packs of warriors to try and improve the scheme? Ok then I guess these eight will do. Then, it’s 3d printed. You can check the printers site here: A bit weird on the volume, the texture. But hey, the future is coming so you gotta learn.

The commission was all about black. I added a dark blueish grey and some sand patterns, mostly on the saddles. The camels where painted with Contrast, blended on the minis before it dries. The banner was the main excitement, I treated it as usual with flat paper, then put it in form using white glue.

The base are obviously desert themed, which offered a nice contrast with the dark clothes.

Most of the patterns are done on the saddles, as they offered a even en easier surface to work on. As usual a good round of internet ressources is helping a great deal to find inspiration.

I use various visuals to draw the banners. Usually print it fully desaturated, before painting all over it while maintained flat.

So here we go with the first try on 3D printed minis. The scale would be a bit high, but that’s just a matter of settings apparently. Actually I’d rather work with traditional plastic, but that’s maybe the force of habbit.

Ol Name Changin Ad

AKA Jean Peinture


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