Iron Man 12: Vikings

So, with this one it would be TWELVE! Last one of the vikings factions… is actually the vikings themselves!

A scruffy ruffians crew, selected among the beautiful Foundry range. Those minis are a delight to put in colors, and even if they’re more heroic than historically accurate, they set a wonderful vision on the board.

I already used this color combination (on Pagan Rus if I recall), but the tones aren’t exactly the same, neither that the leather treatment. I also added a pinch of black to the shields. The rim of the clothes also benefit from a different pattern from elsewhere.

Those said shields aren’t exactly what you can think of classic vikings shields. Instead I’ve opted for designs that you can find on various runestones, and a few dragons here and there. I can now confirm I’m no at ease leaving a shield empty of patterns.

Fierce bowmen as levies. Although these are a beat too armoured, they still look great! And look at those beard!

It has been said before, but javelin levies are always a good choice. So here’s your daily dose of pointy sticks, from bearded guys.

Surprisingly this list include only one point of regular warriors. They still wear gorgeous beards though!

But that’s ok, we got plenty of hearthguards to hit and, well… hit again! Not forgetting the beards, rest assure.

Heach of them are packed with protection, weaponry, and obviously, glorious facial hair!

I mean how many of these guys can you fit in one list? Not that I don’t like beards but…

Ok four points it is. And there isn’t enough armours for the last one! I even seen one wearing only… a beard.

Ok the great banner might explain the weird fetishism going around in this faction. May this friendly fellow protect these chaps on the battlefield!

And what best to lead this smelly bunch of sea wolves, than the greatest beard of all. I mean this guy, is simply huge, no wonder is the boss.

Finally, someone got to take care of the last travel these chaps may take. So whom other than the most dreaded mercenaries unit in the whole game!? Luckily enough, they don’t conform to the pilosity standard around here!

I guess that’s all for the vikings, the faction, and even the whole age! What we’ll be next? I’m not sure. But I hope all of these minis will see their share of battles! Onto next time pals!

Ol Bearded Ad

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