Iron Man 11: Welsh

Damn that’s a lot of horses! That’s what’s happening when you got too many equipment options…

With only one faction left, this score the eleventh of this age armies. The versatile Welsh, which can play both mounted and foot troops, is now ready for battle.

Browns reds and yellows, with a pinch of blue here and there. With this much factions, it’s becoming quite difficult to find new simple colors combination. The shields patterns refer to the faction dice, with the dragon being reported on the banner. Vivid green on the bases always offer achieve a nice contrast at the end.

A simple levy with bow. In order to exploit more visual effects (since some colors tend to repeat themselves), a added some patterns to the clothes.

First warriors unit. No tartans this time, a few straight lines, some squares and grids, even checkers.

Second warriors unit. Here you can see how a little variation (the blue shield) add a few depth. Sometimes a little touch out of the scheme will suffice to add just what it need of variations.

The third unit, including the great banner. No one knows why I’ve done it so big, but here it goes. Maybe one of my favorite (but I tend to say this each time…).

Hearthguards got the best equipment. So these guys inherit… two chainmail. And three helmets… great social ascension!

What could possibly cost more than a chainmail in these days. A horse you say! Welsh can have warriors both feet on the ground or mounted.

So why not take two of them. This way you can play both options in large amount, depending one the scenario, the terrain and even the matchup.

The same, but with hearthguards. As usual I tried tu push the shields designs a bit further, this time just adding one more outline to the pattern, to make them stand apart the « regular » troops.

Then our warlord. Nothing to fancy here, I just tried to work him in a clean way, with good readability. The heroic pose made the rest of the impression.

Another dreaded faction for me to meet on the battlefield, maybe the most adaptable for the Age of Vikings. So after that… only one left!

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2 réflexions sur “Iron Man 11: Welsh

  1. That army is amazing… the patterns on the clothes, the shields… my only criticism would be the use of saxons on horses. Chainmail and a horse for a single guy ? Not happening 😆


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