Iron Man 10: Pagan Rus

Aaaand another one. Gear up your armor values as additional dices are gonna fall around. Here comes the black bears and the white wolves!

Another list I enjoy to play a lot. No cavalry nore fancy bowmen, only the raw strength of basics warriors and the cunning of javelin throwers levies.

As I try to gave every factions a distinctive color palette, my choices tend to narrow down. Here there will be white, blue and red (but not my usual red, I worked an other shade this time). Yellow ornaments allows me to gave a vivid touch, which I emphasize on the the lord and heartguards.

The shields are totally out of the source material, but I think they fit the kind of slavic origine. And it’s been nice treating another kind of shapes.

Most of these are from Gripping Beast range, but there also a lot of various sourced materials, even from unknown provenance.

The usual please… Levies throwing javelins is always a hit. They almost don’t even need advanced capacities to do their work.

So here’s a second one. Most of their clothes are white, and I tried to refrain myself not to use to much ornaments.

Your regular dose of warriors. A mix of various ranges, a glorious horde!

None of the vikings faction can have horses. So here’s another round of foot warriors…

And another one…

And a last one, bringing it up to four points of these. Enough to mix and match many formations. A one one I valued is a strong 10, 10 and 12, along with a banner.

A few hearthguards is never a bad idea (well with only three different profiles).

I usually try to push a bit further the detailing of the clothes, which is most of the time putted down by the large amount of chainmail on their back.

The great banner, recreating the shields pattern. I think there’s a bit of empty space around the star. But when it’s done… I also tried a different pose this time, adding more movement to it.

Lastly the warlord. Heroic stance, stone pedestal, heavy freehand, everything check. Actually I really enjoyed painting this one!

Here we go again, another round, the finish line is in sight! Just two more bearded scruffy looking warbands, then we can move to other centuries. Back or forth? We’ll see.

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