Random Encounters n°8

Here and there between work and bigger projects, I still manage to squeeze some Dungeon associated parts. Here’s the latest batch!

A few characters and monsters, a load of statues then various stuffs from here and there, always handy in an dungeon.

It feels really good not to endeavor for a whole army project, and just take down a few solo minis. Most of this is gonna be of some use in Frostgrave and Shadowdeep games, as various scenarii are involving such characters or items.

A noble (snooty) high elf warrior. I choose a middlehammer classic red era Caledor color scheme. A blue shade was applied to the armor in order to figure the mithril. The shield took advantage of the practice I got from one year of painting patterns for so many Saga armies.

Subotaï is an adventurer from the Kislev, aiming to roam the floor of princes tomb with his boots. As he a Steppenwolf mini, I found this old goblin shield to fit him well.

I tried the official clear turquoise cloth scheme, but it doesn’t suit my expectations at all. I then get back to a full Christopher Lee/ Bela Lugosi dress code, all black, red and white. Then a few touches to give tonics. All I gotta do now is to find him a bride.

This ol Ral Partha demon is surely gonna be of some use in a Frostgrave game soon. Got to reread Forgotten Pacts, just in case players find his real name.

A really old dragon. But you always need a dragon in your dungeon. This one was quickly done using Contrast over a zenithal undercoat. Nice and easy.

Speaking of dungeons & dragons, here an evil idol to tempt your rogues. glad with this one as it is one of my few successful attempt at OSL. A perfect ornament for a special project on my own…

So, dragon, idol, here’s a victim for the sacrifice. I know this representation is a bit aged. Sorry for this.

In term of objectives, Frostgrave always bring the most specific ideas. Here’s a few telescopes, just for one scenario. Got to find other uses for it.

For a while I also needed many statues. It’s done now with HQ old minis. Really quick with bronze and verdigris. I’m settle for many others Frostgrave/Shadowdeep scenarios.

Using this technic, I grab a few Sigmarines layin’ around (let’s be honest, I didn’t want to put to much effort on these). Bim, a few construct animated statues, and another few scenarios requirements completed!

I also took the time to paint these crumbs of sceneries. Done and always good to add to the others.

Many various things from here and there, the never ending Project Dungeon is still alive! And looking well with another bunch of old school minis on the way…

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