Iron Man 9: Anglo-Danes

The path to glory continues, on the last quarter of this huge project! I try not to feel the fatigues brought along this Anglo-Danes force.

On the road from Stamford to Hastings, meet the Anglo-Danes, all in yellow and blue. Does this mean they’re able to build strange named furnitures, let’s find out!

As usual, most readable color scheme, and a variation of crosses on the shields designs, as I tend to see them as successors of Anglo-Saxons. They enlist two mercenaries units, as there’s different ways to use their board abilities.

As usual we got a ranged attacking levy unit. These are from Gripping Beast, but would do fine along the rest of the roster.

Then again, backbone of every armies, warriors units. spearmen with many shades of blue and yellow.

The addition of red touches in the shields patterns make them pop a bit more.

Two heathguards units are always working with this board. you could even try them with two handed weapons, as you should be able to protect them using all the fatigue tokens you should have dropped.

As there superior equipment made them stand appart, I tried to reinforce this using a bit of colors on their helmets.

Working perfectly along this battle board, errant warriors with dane axes will be feared amongst your foes!

Then Breton riders, another way to boost the list mechanics with mercenaries, here adding another way to put fatigues on your opponent.

The warlord and his great banner. While the first is ok I guess, this banner is one of my favorite from all the vikings era that I got to paint.

So, nine down, three to go! What could possibly be next? As they’re is less choices to make after each projects. We’ll see soon.

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