Baseless Sassanids

Here’s an odd one, so I got to warn you. The bases… are not done. The client wanted to do it by himself. So here’s a close to finished Sassanid force!

The pics are not at their best, but it’ll work better on separate units topics. This force is intended to be played in the upcoming Age of Invasions Saga supplement, along with another new faction.

The main focus here was to emphasize the difference between regular troops and elite nobility. Simple and natural theme for the first, opposed to rich tones amongst the seconds. I got various PTSD from the time I painted a few Arlequins a while ago, but I hope those heavy cavalry looks nice on the battlefield. The red leather belts and quivers are the main tying parts, along with blackest hairs and moustaches.

What army would call itself that without a proper archers levy. I tried to add some variations to the base colors of the fabrics here and on the next unit.

Then warriors, cornerstones of many battle plans. Flexible and resilient, worthy opponents and most of all, ability to close ranks.

Mounted archers, to gave mobility and harassment to the list. The paintjob is close to the same along these three units, with only little colored touches.

Adding a few colors, here comes the Colonel Hathi’s patrol. not one but two antic tanks to crush your foes, moreover if they’re riding on horseback!

Did you ever though about three points of heartguards. That’s the only way to play six men units of them. So there it is!

The occasion to brought up a lot of colors to the line. It somehow became hard to put this amount of colors together, and to assemble it in an elegant way.

The great banner, ornate with a winged lion, and even more saturated colors.

And our Warlord, bearing the pourpre as every good leader, and with many ornament.

Well this was a good one, a bit odd but located in a era unknown for me (on the painting side…). Hope they will fight well along the way, and bring honor to their owner.

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