Tutorial Quick Bases

Just a rapid one on my take to bases I mostly use for Saga’s armies. A step by step along with most of the products I use to get things done.

It’s really not that hard to achieve bases looking like these, but here’s the different stages.

I use to paint my base all together, after priming (that way you don’t repaint the texture), but before starting the paintjob. I also try to base the whole army, in order to got a sense of unity (and we know having to remember steps is not that easy).

Always keep a eye open when you go out, there’s no need to buy what you can find on the ground. I got various sets of twigs and gravels to lay at the feet of my mini. Prepare them in this kind of compartment for easier use, and keep a tweezers at hand, it’ll allow a less messier work!

Using a spatula or any other tool, spread a generous amount of Prince August FX on the base. I usually mix two shades, here Natural and Dark Earth. Try not to be even with the surface, and hide carefully the minis stands if there’s one.

Before the texture dries, add rocks and twigs. They’ll remain stuck in the stuff, so worry not about gluing them. No need to paint it too, it’ll come in the next step.

Then simply drybrush the whole with ivory. Nothing more. No washes nore multiple layers, keep it simple.

Astonishingly, now paint the trim of the bases. It came after brybrushing but it’s easier to do it before adding tufts. I mostly use black, but any would do if it suits your gaming board. From dark browns to clear sands, even included lovely green gobelin.

Paint the minis before this step, while the tufts won’t bother your brushes. Before starting, you need to select a few different tuft. I usually go around four different plus the foliage kind. Most of it are from Gamer Grass, but there’s plenty of other good brands. The foliage is from Gale Force Nine, and I simply put it everywhere.

So this way you can base your entire armies in no time. There’s many variations around this, including the four seasons to more fantastics settings. Experiment different setups, but try to keep consistency along the same project, most of the time an army.

Feel free to ask anything, while I get back to work. Hey there, don’t move, there’s no paint on this lead, I got to work on that!

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