Touchdown and tentacle

Another commission for, this time it’s all chaos!

Ain’t them a lovely crew. Such welcoming faces. So fairplay in perspective…

This time again I got to tie together some very distinctive fellows. But that’s not this kind of training that’ll stop me. Black and bronze babe! Some pale skin, red eyes, and the various mutations and mohawks would bring some nice colors touches. All tied together with dried gravel bases. Then don’t forget the player’s numbers.

This team is based around mutations, so there’s a various amount of deformities. The face breast plate is a nice old school touch.

More and more mutants, with some nice references to pop culture added too!

And always remember, chaos is about diversity and inclusion. Come as you are!

Some trolls are just big child whom only wish to « play » with you. I tried to go for a different tone as the previous one, using more muted colors.

This one must be another kind of big hugger. Spreading the love all around.

And as you can never have enough big guy, here a third one, which hopefully won’t cost you more than an eye!

He even come with options! I would magnet the hell out of it!

Here you go for the sports event this time. I wonder what would be next…

Ol Tentacle Ad

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