Iron Man 6: Hiberno Norse

Sixth army for the Age of Vikings, man that tend to be a hell lot of minis! (Not even speaking of my own armies)

The Hiberno Norses, a faction all about subtle grace, tolerance… and mostly unchained violence!

As usual I tried to settle for a distinctive color scheme, using mostly grayish blue and orange brown with white touches, and adding a few patterns to the clothes. The shields iconography is inspired by pictish design a bit evolved, using celtic knots technic.

First you’ll need slaves (even naked ones). Javelins always do the trick, but there’s more along with this battle board.

A second unit, allowing you to field three packs of eight of them, carefully following your hearthguards, collecting fatigue from them.

Speaking of hearthguards, those aren’t afraid of cold. And I hope these tattoos gave them some magical protection to represent a five armour value. They’ll be needing it considering they got to lead the attack.

You’ll a few units to complete the strategy. Three heartguards units followed buy three levies, this way you can charge multiple times using the same unit.

The third unit can be selected among these ruffians, and I like the idea of the dogs and the handler as heartguards.

Just in case, warriors are always a safe choice at Saga. Those twelves can ensure you control of vital objectives during various scenarios.

If there’s no strategic objectives, then the raw fury of the sons and daughters of death is too sell. Gall Gaedhil are a threat any opponent should take care before… wait! I my they’re gone…

No army should go to war without a proper banner. Even if you’re not playing it, for the sake of honor, raise it high!

And as usual, the honor of the last pic is gave to the warlord, a fierce pirate lord towering is rank with attitude!

So one more, what’s next? Oh I see, six other factions (for this age…), so let’s get back to work…

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