From another world

Continuing to explore the each factions in various era for Saga, here come something very wicked.

Kneel before the Outerworld, crawling out of the breach to plague the Age of Magic!

So what’s the plan here. At first glance you may think of an Undead army, but they’re more a possessed corpse parade accompanied with stuffs of nightmare. The objective was not to convey greenish rotten corpse, more like drowned ones. Then the blue glowing eyes. And those bloody white walkers came to my mind. Damn. It’s not a SoIF army. It just ended up kinda looking the same, in a unfortunate way.

Anyway… The skin base are pale carnations with addition of green, then a mixed wash of green, purple and blue, delayed with medium. the metals are close to black, then the fabrics where used in tones of reddish browns and blue grey. Ended with dark bases with no green tuft, rather dry ones.

Buckle up now, this is a huge one, many units so many pics. Here’s by the details:

Two units of warriors. Those zombies from Grippingbeast are pretty simple, yet super effective. And there’s many ways they’d be put to good use in any other system.

Another unit of warriors, draugrs this time, from Fenris Games. Undead vikings are pretty cool!

Then a few beastmen for a bit of variations. I recall they came from a DH Miniature KS. They bring a real oldschool vibe, not being only brais…

Then two heartguards unit, from Grippingbeast again. Cool undead knigths, in deep black armours. I guess one of them is about to tell if you choose wisely or not.

Another unit from Fenris Game, a point of mounted hearthguards. I know they’re not available for the Outerworld armies, but they can be played as quadruped creatures quite easily.

Speaking of creatures, there’s an huge amount of them in this list, even proxies. Here’s some more DH minis, two hounds and a troll. The firsts count as quadruped creatures, the second one can be used as a filler for warriors (counting as two minis).

Another round of creatures with these Frostgrave chronohounds. Lovely miniatures indeed, dynamics monobloc and not so tiny doggos!

Then came another pack of quadru multiped creatures. And one hell of a nightmarish build. Those are from Mantic, and are rising up the demonic side of the army.

Use as bipedal creatures, there’s also this kind of tentacled weirdos roaming the ranks of this bizarre menagerie. I seem to recall they’re from Wrath of the Kings, a range with loads of beautiful minis to proxied.

And there’s this… thing… some kind of giant mutant slug. I’m not sure what is it for, but it is as slimy as you can get.

Another from DH Miniatures, a jabberwock will always bring some good mood around, taking role of a flying monster.

Then there’s this tall f*****. I mean really tall (17cm if I recall). Two days worth of work for this ice giant from Epic Encounters, one of the largest mini I got to work on (thinking of you KDM dragon king…).

Now heading toward the HQ, this warlord from Grippingbeast will do as a pedestrian one. The snake colors made him stand a bit appart from the rest of the horde.

A sorcerer is always a good choice in this supplement. Here’s the one from Grippingbeast, whom wouldn’t be out of tone in the snowy streets of a ruined ancient city.

And just in case a puny human wouldn’t suffice, here a bestman shaman for the road.

This executioner is an Otherworld lieutenant, sacrificing his peers for the… greater good I assume?

The second warlord came mounted (even if he can’t!), from the first ed Malifaux range, and he got some pretty cool vibes too. But wait…

An absolute dose of coolness for the last one. This wonderful zombie dragon is from Fenris Games. Acting as flying monster or warlord mounted on beast, I hope he’ll see many battlefields!

While his big ass was a pain to photograph, here’s a few detailed pics for the road.

So here it is, one of my biggest commissions, mostly because of the huges pieces of this collection of freak show stars. No doubt they shall strike fear in the heart of their opponents. On my side I got to go back to more historical projects, with more reasonable sized minis!

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