Tutorial Celtic Knot

Here’s a little step by step for shields freehand. This one isn’t about colors but rather about technic in how to draw this kind of patterns.

You can easily achieve this kind of designs with a little practice and the right steps in the right order.

First work the background of the shield. I usually paint it in the fresh, meaning I blend the tones right on the surface before they dried, lighter tones on top of the shape.

After selecting the pattern, carefully paint it as a simple line. Dont think about the way it will intricate, rather try to have a nicely composed drawing, especially if it include curves.

A simple highlight is applied to the pattern. For more precision you can also highlight it outlines, in order to emphasize the drawing even more.

Now comes the time to made the knots appear. With the background color, paint two really thin streaks when the line is supposed to cross another one. In order to achieve this kind of design, the superpositions need to alternate, as fabric, one on top, one under.

Then proceed to achieve the shields painting, adding battle damages and dirt, as showed here:


I deliberately choose simpler design for the step by step, as more intricate ones can end up with a few headaches. But with practice it’s possible to complicate the ornaments, adding double lines, more intrications, even different colors. Also don’t hesitate to seek inspiration and documentation, it will greatly ease your first attempt.

Here’s a few more for the road!

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