Iron Man 4 Jomsvikings

One of my favorite faction from Age of Vikings, and not only cause you got fewer models to paint.

One jolly good crew of elite vikings (that right, no levies for them, stay at home peasants!).

Has told before, I got to visually separate each factions from the same age. Rather than having multiple tones like I would do for a classic Saga army, I restrained the palette here to three major tonality. It works well on the Jomsviking ass they can be assimilated to the ancestors of knights orders, so it gave them a coherent look.

I also settle on celtic knots and dragons for the shields, as I wanted them to stand appart from the (upcoming) vikings.

Multiple unit but no levies nor mercenaries, this warband was really quick to execute, and I’m really glad of the way they look. Now only got to see them on the battlefield!

First point of warriors, I really enjoyed working those shields. I also choose rich greens for the base’s tuft to add contrast.

Second unit. You can see how I tried to play with variations on the reds, leathers and black to add a bit of diversity.

You always need a great banner, even if not played, it add a great style to your army, in addition to bring fear to the heart of your opponent!

Only option for the faction are the dane axes, here you go with one warrior point.

Hearthguards are one strong point for this faction. You can see their richer equipment.

Some more of them. I got some hard time trying to ornate those specific rectangle shields.

They too can wield dane axes. I got through the excruciating pain of changing all the poles with brass rods, but they are now much more sturdy.

Another one just in case. Those chaps can really cut foes in pieces, so why not having more of them (after all it’s only four more minis to paint).

I tried something new for the banner, not following any existing pattern. But I end with a composition I’m not really fond of. There’s to much empty black spaces here, I’ll try to correct it on the next faction.

I choose to use a different warlord as the one proposed in the box, as I liked this pose better. Making them standing atop of some rocks is a classic for me now, but I do really enjoy it.

He got all the tones of the army, plus a redish crest on his helmet, and some ornaments on the clothes. I thought about painting knots over the stone he’s standing on, but I feared it would outfocus the mini.

Well it’s done for the elite bondis faction. What would be the next faction, and will it be in the vikings settings? Only time will show us…

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