Old grit

I just got the occasion to work on this!

And man it was awesome! I can’t say enough how much I love to paint old lead, even more this kind of monobloc guys. It was an all around fun and pleasing project.

Technically speaking there’s no twist. Classical scheme for them, plus a bunch of tattoos and striped pants, and there you go, with a pinch of snowy bases.

Those are my least favorite of the unit, but still, classic from the 90’s. Redish brown of the wooden parts are a allusion to the red era.

The one on the right is a lot more stylish. He’s from Advanced Heroquest range I guess, and has a lovely nice sculpture.

Less recent slayers, there’s even a Marauder one. These are really nicer than the first ones, funnier faces, more skin for tattoos, and a bit of better proportions.

Some of the elder ones. The right one is actually a GW dwarf with some dynamism, outstanding!

Then the stars of the show. No need to introduce Gotrek & Felix, in all their 90’s glory. Here again, no special things to say as they’re pretty classic in the colors.

Here’s a little selection of tattoos. I choose celtic curves rather than official dwarven runes, as it would go smoother on the body shapes of these little nasty basterds!

So after all one of the commissions that I hate to see going away. I should grab a few of them for personal use some day.

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2 réflexions sur “Old grit

  1. I love those dwarves !

    Could you telle how you painted the tatoos ? Especially if you paint them after you have finished the skin or during the process to melt it ?
    Thanks for your answer (can be in French if wanted ^^)


    • Thanks a lot.
      I first base the skin, then draw deep blue tattoo before shading the whole part with Reikland Flesh. Then highlight both skin and tattoos, insisting on the outline in order to emphasize the patterns.


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