Antic Auxiliaries

Along with some antiquity nation, there’s some of the most violent mercenaries that you can hire through the various Saga’s ages.

Here’s a quick selection of mediterranean folks. Most of it are painted to go along with the Epire army seen before. But they can be affiliated to whomever can pay the price.

The painting process just followed the steps of the same troop types, including a few variations to visualize their specifics.

The Psiloï unit, just regular javelins levies, with a simplified color scheme, removing red from the clothes and white from the shields. The shields pattern are also a bit of variations around the antic greek themes.

Cretan Archers, strong unit here. Many of the auxiliaries from this age tend to activate by themselves, in addition to their fighting abilities. I painted them really simple, with clear clothes to (once again) go along with the Epirotes.

The Tureophoroï (bless you). Those are Victrix hoplites, only modification was the shields, coming from Iberian troops. Their helms are painted white, setting them apart, as the exact same scheme is used for the rest of the equipment, especially the armours.

Hoplites Hearthguards, strong defensive unit. I gave them long spears (it’s not yet sarrisses), and painted the shields and crest black, to give an elite feel.

Those two last were made after the family pic, Balearic Slingers, ready to stone foes to death, even more on close range.

And lastly another cretan archers unit, this one to go along my romans, hence the redish tones included on the clothes and the bronze helmets.

There you go with many ruffians to adapt a bit more army lists. They’ll be needed facing the next (exalted) project.

Ol Southern Ad.

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