Cyberpunk Nightmare

Another alt crew for Malifaux, with awesome concepts, a bit too cyberpunk for the setting, but overall such coolness.

The « Nightmare Edition 1988 » , an overall colorful composition, with really great sculpt (and a hell of tiny tiny really tiny pieces like only Wyrd can produce). These are alternate sculpts for the Arcanists Ten Thunders and count as Mei Feng crew.

It started a bit as an improvisation for the concept, and after the first or second model some ideas started to emerge. White robotic parts, touches of bright purple, an living the rest to the characters alone.

King Cry Baby. This one got so many references, it was a delight to play with. Here came the idea for the white plastic mechanic parts.

Mad Mop. Nice one too. i gave him/her (quite not sure) blue jeans, a chech, and the red jacket can be seen as a citation of Kaneda’s one.

Not so happy with this one. Gum Drop. Not to much to play around. Although the pose was quite dynamic, the surface are thin and there’s not enough room to put many colors.

Spritz. What a fun concept! But probably the worst built a got to try. But he’s so cool. A piranha in a tiny mecha! Soda bottles powered!

Mean Streak. A nice brute is always worth a good paintjob. I had a lot of fun with his tank top. The rest was quite easy.

Tag Line. This one was my favorite. That’s where I came to play with the orange, and balanced touches of saturated tones around the greys and browns.

A nice evasion from more historical projects, the occasion to work coulours I don’t get to play with often on the other commissions.

But now I got to get back to a more antic period. Here come the skirts again…

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2 réflexions sur “Cyberpunk Nightmare

    • Hi there! Thanks a lot. I remind that the best way to picture asphalt is using cork sheet (used in isolation) painted deep black. Then add all usual stuff for bases, textures, bitz, washes and some rust…


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