Iron Man 2 Irish

So on the run, the second warband for the iron man project. They go barefoot, they’re loud, they got dragon breath, they dwell in the bushes, the Irishmen!

Same rules, the mandatory warlord, seven regular army points and one mercenary unit.

This time almost everything comes from the new box published by Wargames Atlantic, plus some minor conversions for bowmen or mounted hearthguards, and the mercenary himself is a beloved Victrix miniatures. The base box is great, with almost everything you need for a full Saga list, even dogs.

As for the palette, I used mostly yellows and black, accorded to earthy and natural tones, like browns and greens. Some of them are wearing tartan, and the patterns for the shields where some of the most intricate that I ever got to work on.

First levy point armed with mixed equipment, javelin, sling, stone, maybe pine cones. This way you can play it as both option if your opponent is not to concern.

Second levy is another heresy to the rules, as Irish can’t have bows. But, you know, bows and slings, they got the same rules so…

A classic but not so great unit for this faction, the hound dogs. While their move capacities are quite nice, they don’t work that well with the battle board due to high armour value. But those are super nice models anyway.

First unit of warriors, mandatory javelins. The dogs in each of them count as filler. Put a few of them in a ruin, then let the foes try his best at rooting them out.

Second warrior unit. The figurines by themselves are pretty simple and easy to paint. Mostly skin, usually one set of cloth, one belt. But the shields patterns (as said before) where a little bit unusual compared to what I have done for vikings of anglo-danes.

A mounted hearthguards unit can add a little punch to this army of puny missile throwers. They are converted from dark ages riders from Griping Beast plastic range. That’s why they’re the only ones to wear shoes!

Another specificity from this faction are the heroes named curaidh. There’s so much capacity focusing around that you want to play at least one of them. They got access to several option but we choose to get along with javelin (Sidh in your eyes!)

Who doesn’t like a bit of poetry? Surely not Egil Skalagrimson! One more hero for this faction. One reroll on the Saga dices. One poetic taunt. One danish axe. Anything to add?

A great banner always came in handy, mostly in ranged unit where it don’t implied that you loose an attack dice. This one is drawn by and painted flat before being shaped with wooden glue.

And here’s the main character of this warband. I took extra care of his skintones and clothes patterns. The elevate stone gave him an overlook of the battlefield.

His cloak was close to nightmare to ornate. The bases of the whole army are quite bushy so they reflect the playstyle of the faction and I added some moss effects on the stones to figure the weather of the island.

Here you can see a selection of shields. Those triskeles where kind of hellish to draw compare to simple axis geometry of anglo-danes or norman patterns. First the you got to divide your form in three, not four as usual (which is a lot lot loooot easier), then you got to work all these curbs and spirals. The next article will be a step by step about these patterns.

So there you go with the whiskey forest people, second army of the big project. Who’s gonna go next?

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