Electro Hunters

A little break from the dark ages and the fantasy. I converted this team a while ago, and never got to squeeze them in the heavy schedule of so many (actually too much) Saga lists. But I decided to gave myself a break from dirty beardy norsemen for a few dirty armored grimdarkfutur men (even women). So now they’re done (but they’re screaming for friends (preys maybe) to play with).

The Wendelheim clan, Electro Hunters from the Milton Gate, protectors of the Old Ashes Trail, gatherers of holy metallic wastes of the Malachaï Desolation.

So here came a family of grimdark hunters, fierce crusaders fighting the mutants horrors and bringing them back (maybe for food?) along any metal scraps they can scavenge on the way home to whatever hovel they call a settlement.

The ideas came first from a growing interest for anything inqui28 related. I collected many 40k (and others) sprues for this project, but I never get around to start anything. Then came Warcry, a light and dynamic system I really grew found of. I painted the core box and a few warbands, but my head was allready thinking to twist it in a 40k setting. Keeping the rules all the same, just transposing it in a techno barbarian world of a dark future. I’ve never been attracted to Stormcasts, but I recognize they got some strong attitude, so I decide this team will be the first to fall under the scalpels. I use a huge variety of source materials for bits, but mostly it’s Stormcast based with Mechanicus bits to « futurised » them. Many ideas came from the holy internet (the hobby benefit greatly from a good google-fu), some other came after many manipulations and trying, not forgetting a few blood offerings to Khorne.

Odeon, bearer of the arc charger P3rUN, first shooter of hunt. His weapon produce electric arcs which incapacitate preys, letting the rest of the team start the curry. It’s not yet his claim to aim anything but what looks like a leg or close.

The painting process was a bit quicker than I use to do. I started splattering brown and black spots on a white base coat. Then the armor took a few glazes and washes to get this old bone tone, just after getting an ivory edge highlight.

Theodosia, front trapcker, honoramputed during the great Berith hunt. Her role is to harass prey, exhausting it for the take down.

The shoulder pads received a few yellow and orange glazes before the stripes and checkers. I then work real fast on the black robes, knowing I got to messed it up in the end.

First huntress Birghith Wendelheim, master trapcker, bane of the great steel back of Amon Zuür. Leader of the pack, she and only she got the honor to decide which prey to track down, and when the showdown should begin.

The bases were textured with grey sands and rock, then brushed with Green Earth Vallejo pigments (which is rather pale when dry). I then applied watered down mat varnish on the whole mini, then smudge pigments before drying. I played with textures and various dilutions here to gave this dusty dirt grain.

Alaister, Vajra harpoon bearer, slaughter of the clan. He reclaim the death blow that will slain beasts in the name of the clan, smiting them with the wrath of a god like strike.

The weapons simply received a Typhus Corrosion thin coat and a dark brown base coat. Then a light metal brush, ended with silver, and a few orange and red pigments spot applied with acrylic medium. Lastly I (poorly) try my best at a few electric glowing effects on the blades and guns.

Quarry carrier H3ph7aïm 8, he who help bring back ressources to the settlement, server and helper of the hunt since two generations.

The various optics where executed classically, in deep red to contrast with the yellows, bones and blacks dominants. In the end I splattered black and white dots with an old toothbrush to add a few messiness to the models.

Servo spotter long range K3r0ub1n. He who fly from afar, the silent eye.

There you go with a big dose of kitbash and trashy paint. I now got to build them worthy opponent to hunt and fight in Warcry (got to find a name for this grim dark version). But not before a take down a few more round wooden shields. I even heard drums from the deep, and who knows what can emerge from the benchwork from no on.

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4 réflexions sur “Electro Hunters

  1. Those are absolutely incredible — they definitely make me wish for more INQ28 projects from you!

    Also, you should try submitting them for the next issue of 28 Magazine — I am sure they’d fit right in!

    Keep up the amazing work! 🙂


    • Thanks a lot pal! Actually I stached away an insane amount of sprues in order to built and paint Inqui28 project, but I’m involded in so many project that I don’t get around 28 as often as I would. But here’s a fist step. I’ll try the submission, and thanks again!

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