Random Encounters n°6

Well, not so much of writing these days, although I still got my share of painting, and also too many projects (as usual). So here a few fellows for various uses, in direct line from the (still living (not undead)) project dungeon.

A few baddies and a band of scums. The painting goes as usual, even though I tried something a bit different from time to time, I always landed back to my basics (still a bit annoyed about that).

I found a few Perry Miniatures sprues, and the logical thing to do next was to make a few unnecessary hired swords for Frostgrave/Shadowdeep (yeah I know I already own many of them, and I absolutely don’t need anymore, but you know, just in case…) so by the details:

Thieves, the knives were modifications from Gripping Beast Vikings sheathed ones.

Thugs, your kind of typical highwaymen.

Archers, just in case.

Guards, I especially love the polearms of the set.

Men at arms, such light hearted fellows.

Two Trackers, basically Archers but heavier.

Knights in shiny armors.

And Templars, dispensing wisdom around them.

I spend close to no time on them, doing a fast three step technique, base, wash, edge highlight. It’s not the most elegant, but it’s offering a good readability on the board. I then use a tip from http://gardensofhecate.blogspot.com, doing a few black and white splatters before and after the painting. It could be done with brownish tones, and even though it’s very subtle, i think it add a bit of messiness to the models.

finally a close up on the heraldry. Note that the setting is fantasy, nothing here is trying to get close to history.

In another register, here a few Chaos Warriors, to go along with Slambo I painted last year. They are planned for proxy metal Heroquest, but the four of them will do great as Hearthguards in an evil Age of Magic list.

The shields were one more time the perfect place to work and experiment some old school stuff. Slave to Darkness all the way guys!

At last, the best of show here was this truly central piece I’ve always dreamt of as a kid (as for the whole goblins army from which he’s the last part). I thank again the good fellow painter who accepted to exchange it with me, and now I’m a proud owner of a classic Marauder Giant!

This heavy guy took me a few days to complete, carefully varnishing him after each part of the work, as his weight made him difficult to handle. It’s been a while since I didn’t get that amount of excitement and fun on a mini (even though I’m always excited and find fun in every project). I took extra care of playing with everything the model got to offer, specially ragged clothes, and flesh he got to get inked.

One of my favorite model for a while, I already got to field him in Saga, and boy what a pleasure to (drunkely) move him around. I just miss a few rules about random attacks or boose falling.

Ok, so now go back to more productivity, I now got four Saga lists on the wait for the brushes (it’s maybe the building of the models who took me so long!), none of them are going to paint themselves (and I m not even sure I would be glad they do so!).

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